Wilmington Automobile Insurance

Wilmington automobile insurance offers you many ways to protect your automobile in the sometimes unpredictable weather. If you live in an area frequently troubled by extreme weather, such as hurricane force winds, sleet, hail, and the like, you would be wise to maintain comprehensive coverage through your Wilmington auto insurance company. Your policy should include full coverage, as much as you can afford, in order to offer the best protection against the coastal storms that often plague Wilmington, NC.

Of course, most people believe that their Wilmington car insurance rates will skyrocket as a result of expanding coverage beyond basic liability, but that simply isn't true. At least not always. If you have a good driving record, insurance history, and credit rating, you may find full coverage from your Wilmington automobile insurance company can be quite affordable.

Request quotes from Wilmington, North Carolina vehicle insurance companies so that you can compare the rates for coverage which includes collision and comprehensive. Shop for quality insurance while finding low rates and you just might discover your policy premiums fit nicely into your budget. Protecting yourself to the fullest is really the most cost effective move you can make, especially during hurricane season.

Storm Season and Your Automobile

Collision coverage provides for repair or replacement in the event of damage sustained in a car accident. That is, a collision with another automobile. Comprehensive coverage provides compensation for damage repair or total loss of your vehicle due to circumstances related to weather, vandalism, theft, or even collisions with trees, power poles, or large animals. Your Wilmington policy rates are a bit higher when you maintain full Wilmington coverage, but if you live in an area where these items threaten, you could be saving money in the long run.

Storm damage to your automobile can range from dents and scratches caused by hail, to collisions due to hydroplaning, to a tree branch falling on your car and causing you to crash. While you might prefer to forego full coverage due to the cost, you should reconsider. Should your vehicle suffer significant damage that renders it totaled, you would lose out unless you had comprehensive insurance.

If your Wilmington, NC policy only provides for basic liability, you could end up having to replace your automobile yourself. The cost of a new or even used North Carolina automobile will be substantially more per month than the cost of expanding your Wilmington auto insurance policy to include comprehensive coverage.

Keep your Insurance Policy Current

Once you've decided to expand your policy to full coverage, you'll need to make sure you keep your premium payments current. Wilmington, NC automobile insurance companies are usually forgiving if you submit a late payment every blue moon, but habitually late premium payments could result in cancellation of your policy. Once that happens, you could lose any rate lowering applications which may have applied before.

A lapse in Wilmington coverage could mean you lose out all the way around if you aren't covered when an accident occurs. Also, if you are pulled over for a routine traffic stop and the North Carolina police officer finds out you aren't current with your Wilmington auto insurance codes, you could face some serious penalties, including stiff fines, revocation of registration or drivers license, and in some cases, jail time.

Protect Yourself as Well

Your car shouldn't be your only concern when storms threaten. Keeping yourself safe while in your automobile can be accomplished if you've taken steps to ensure you're prepared. Always carry a first aid kit and a flashlight. This may seem rudimentary, however many people don't keep simple first aid kits in their car. Check with your Wilmington auto insurance road service company to find out if they provide them, sometimes for a discounted fee.

Keep a few gallon jugs of drinking water in your automobile. Also have a blanket or two handy so that you can cover your face in the event of breaking glass. Pull off the road, but leave your lights on. Oftentimes during a storm, visibility is affected. Leaving your lights ablaze will warn approaching cars and trucks that you're there.

If you're near a viaduct or overpass, pull under and over. Always be alert for flash floods and water on the roadways. It may appear as though you can navigate your way through, but rushing water is a dangerous thing. Don't attempt to cross it. If a power line should fall across your automobile, DO NOT GET OUT. Wait for help to arrive. If you have a cell phone and can get service, report the downed line and let the authorities know that you are trapped inside your automobile. For more safety precautions, contact a Wilmington automobile insurance agent. The North Carolina insurance commissioners office puts out a publication with tips regarding safe driving practices. Be careful out there!


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