Wear Your Seatbelt

Always wear your seatbelt when driving; it can save you unnecessary injury, money and pain. Seatbelts are very important to insuring that you and your family will remain safe while driving. Wearing your seatbelt greatly increases your chances of walking away from an accident with minor injuries. But what you may not realize is that wearing you seatbelt may also help you save on insurance rates in the long run. When you get in an accident and you are not wearing your seatbelt, you are likely to sustain much higher levels of injuries. More injuries will lead to higher insurance claims and that means that the insurance company will raise your rates.

Insurance companies do their best to avoid offering coverage to high-risk drivers. Accidents mean losses for an insurance company and they will look for any reason to increase the rates for people that may have a propensity to get in accidents. Many different indicators are used as red flags and one of the biggest things insurers look at is the previous driving record. When a person has caused an accident where medical bills were high due to them not wearing a seatbelt, their future insurance rates are going to go way up.

Seatbelt Reasons

The first and most obvious reason to wear your seatbelt is safety. As routine as driving may be, you are still taking your life in your hands every time you get into a car. Traffic accidents resulting from texting and driving or any other number of causes are one of the leading causes of death in the United States and a seat belt can go a long way to help protect you while driving. The chances of sustaining serious or life threatening injuries is greatly increased when you do not wear your seatbelt.

A second reason to wear your seatbelt is to comply with the law. All across the country in every state, law mandates seatbelt use. If you or your passengers are caught not wearing a seatbelt, you are looking at a ticket and a fine. These laws exist to help protect drivers from fatal accidents that are all too common without seatbelt use.

Financial Benefits

A final reason to wear your seatbelt is to save some money. Not only are you going to save by not getting tickets and paying legal fees, but you will also save with your insurance. Some insurance companies will even raise rates after you have received a ticket for not wearing your seatbelt. Insurers see a seatbelt violation as a warning sign that the individual may be an unsafe driver. But the real increases in insurance premiums come after an accident. If a person is involved in an accident where they may not have been wearing their seatbelt and are injured, their rates will skyrocket. A big part of many claims includes medical bills and the insurance companies will do whatever they can to avoid paying these claims.

Take the time to buckle your seatbelt and you may end up saving some serious money. Being required to pay much higher premiums and rates will cost you hundreds of dollars every year. Add to that the prices of the tickets you may be getting, and you are talking about quite a bi of money.

Wearing your seatbelt will help you save lives and set the example for other drivers on the road. There are hundreds of different ways you can get in an accident, but always wearing your seatbelt will ensure that you stay safe. Insurance can be a tricky business, and wearing your seatbelt can help you keep the insurers happy and keep your insurance cheap.


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