Virginia Beach Automobile Insurance

Virginia Beach automobile insurance has a number of factors that determine the premium. One of those factors is the number of points you have on your driver's license. The reason why your points affect your premium is because they define how high risk you are to the Virginia Beach, VA insurance company. The higher the risk, the higher the premium.

Points are applied to your driver's license in a number of ways. The type of offense and the severity of it will determine how many points that you receive. Once a certain number of points are assessed within a specific amount of time, usually six months, the driver's license can be revoked and that is not something that anyone wants to have to deal with. A lot of freedom is lost when the driver's license is lost.

Points and Your Policy

The more points you have, the higher your Virginia Beach auto insurance premium will be. For instance, a simple moving violation may add one point. One point is not going to be so bad on your Virginia automobile insurance as an offense that results in two points. You may have two points assessed if you are traveling well above the speed limit.

There are some incidents, such as an automobile accident that can add even more points to your license. This is especially true when the automobile accident is your fault. And then there is the DUI. The DUI could add four or five points. This more or less leads to automatic suspension of your license.

But you don't want to cancel your Virginia Beach auto insurance on your automobile because you will most likely get your license back and will be driving your automobile. You may, however, get reduced Virginia Beach insurance coverage if your car is going to be sitting within your garage. You can carry just enough to cover vandalism and fire. That way you don't have to pay your entire premium on an automobile that you are not driving.

Virginia Insurance Rates

It is up to your Virginia Beach car insurance company as to whether or not a single point could raise your premium. It may depend upon the offense, but what you may find is that there is no change. Nevertheless, any time a traffic violation is committed, expect there to be a consequence. If there isn't, then that's great. You will just have to be extra careful so that your Virginia Beach automobile insurance company doesn't have a reason to raise your rates.

When the points fall off of your VA driver's license, you can opt for an adjustment in your premium. You will want to consult with your automobile insurance company in Virginia Beach about this and also confer about other discounts that you can apply to your policy so that you can save even more money. Amazingly, you do have control you're your Virginia Beach automobile insurance premium more than you may think.

What you need to do is approximately six months after an automobile accident or other traffic offense, you will want to review your record. That way you can bring to the attention of your Virginia Beach automobile insurance company that the points are not there.

Removing Points

You can lower your Virginia Beach auto insurance rate by removing points. There are a number of ways in which you can do this when you've been cited for an offense in your automobile. The first is to contest the ticket. If there was any practice that law enforcement practiced that was not legal, you can use that. You can use a number of strategies, but the ticket is not always revoked.

You may also be able to make a deal and go to a traffic school in Virginia Beach or anywhere in Virginia that will keep the points from being assessed to your license. Traffic school usually consists of you spending a day in a classroom where you listen to lectures and watch videos of horrible automobile accidents. This may be more feasible for you than contesting the ticket.

Defensive driving classes can also keep you from having the points assessed to your license. Seek out any driver education classes that you can find so that you can ensure the points do not wear you down. This will save you money on your Virginia Beach vehicle insurance. You may even be able to acquire a discount for just taking driving classes and providing your insurer with the certificate of completion.

Whether you can remove the points or not, your Virginia Beach automobile insurance is an affordable option for you. First, you are required by law to have your Virginia Beach automobile covered. Second, you are going to be protected financially from liability and/or vehicle damage.

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