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Utah automobile insurance is a must on all cars and trucks in the state of Utah during their registration period. The person operating the automobile must be a resident. Even non-residents are required to carry "no fault" insurance if the vehicle remains in the state for a period of 90 days. As long as the vehicle is registered, coverage is required at all times. If not, there are penalties. [1]

The penalties for not maintaining no-fault insurance can be classified as a Class B misdemeanor and a fine of $400 or more for a first offense and in excess of $1,000 for a second offense. [1]. The Utah Department of Public Safety may also be required to suspend an individual's license and that forces the individual to have to pay a reinstatement fee when they are able to reinstate it. [1]

In other words, the failure to carry a policy on your automobile in Utah or failure to prove that coverage exists can have significant consequences.

What is No Fault Insurance?

Utah automobile insurance is "no-fault" insurance. This means that individuals that are involved in a car accident are responsible in ensuring the damages are covered by their own insurer. This means that Utah is not what is called a "tort state." A tort state is one in which the victim in an automobile accident can hold the person at fault liable.

In a tort state, it is the responsibility of the liable person's insurer to pay the damages owed to the victim. If the amount of coverage that the person at fault has is not enough to cover the damages, then they can be sued for the remainder.

In a "no-fault" state, it is the responsibility of each resident to have enough Utah automobile insurance to cover their own damages. If a policy is inadequate, then that person may have to pay out of their own pocket for damage to their property and for their medical expenses.

The goal of Utah being a no-fault state is to try and reduce the cost of litigation that automobile accidents can cause. They can keep the court system rather busy. The system is also a fast system. When there is no litigation involved or claims to the at fault party's insurance company, payment for damages can be released much faster.

However, there is debate that the no-fault system does not hold the guilty party responsible for causing an accident. However, there are some instances in which both parties involved in an accident may be at equal fault. When that's the case, it is not feasible to pin the accident on one particular party. All involved walk away from the accident without fault being mentioned. Although one party may accuse the other, legally, the automobile accident is simply an accident on level ground.

Life Changes

In Utah, there are times when life changes come about. Luckily, Utah automobile insurance is open to those changes. For instance, you may purchase a new automobile. This can change the amount of your insurance premium since automobiles have different levels of risk due to their safety ratings.

Life changes can also have an effect on your Utah automobile insurance. You may get married, which means you need to add your spouse on to your policy. This may increase your policy depending on their driving record. Sometimes the amount of the premium does not change. There are different factors that are considered when determining the amount of the premium.

The best way to determine which policy is right for you is obtaining insurance quotes on different policies so that you can determine which is right for you and which isn't. This is the best way to find coverage that is adequate at a good price. That way you can cover the damages done to your vehicle with your Utah automobile insurance.

You never know when a life event may be cause for your policy to change. Another example is divorce. In the case of a divorce, you would be taking your spouse off of your Utah automobile insurance. This may change your rate or have no influence on it whatsoever. Nevertheless, you are able to ensure that you are the only person insured to drive your vehicle.

Another life change is a teenager within your home getting their driver's license. This is something that could raise your premium, but is certainly a big deal to the entire family.

There are many things that can change in life, but what doesn't change is the fact that Utah automobile insurance is mandatory. When in an accident you're covered. Even when life events occur you are still covered, you just change the scope of your Utah automobile insurance coverage, which can alter the rates. Nevertheless, you can always make sure your coverage is affordable and adequate.

[1] http://dmv.utah.gov/registerinsurance.html Retrieved 06/07/10.


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