Tyler Automobile Insurance

Tyler automobile insurance can be easy to understand if you know how to read between the lines. It's common for the average Joe to get distracted by the legal phraseology in an automobile insurance policy. But, if you know the definitions behind some of these hard-to-understand words, you'll be speaking "insurancese" in no time at all. Or, at least understanding your Tyler automobile policy.

In order for you to comprehend your policy, and know where you stand with your Tyler automobile insurance, that is, how well you're protected, you must first define the most common terms. You probably already know, or have some understanding of the basic insurance terms such as liability, collision and uninsured motorist, but do you really understand what declaration means? What about exclusions and endorsements and how they apply to your comprehensive automobile coverage?

When you're first issued your policy, you may feel you have a grasp of what your coverage means and how your Tyler vehicle insurance protects you. Then you are given what equates to a book as big as Texas with terms you have no idea about. You attempt to define words and understand the fine print, but eventually you may give up this time consuming pursuit and feel that trusting your Tyler auto insurance agent is the best thing you can do.

Fear not! You'll soon be reading your Tyler insurance document like a Texas auto insurance expert. You'll understand how and why you have a certain type of Tyler automobile coverage and exactly what's protected in the event of an accident, theft, vandalism, or automobile loss due to weather related occurrences or natural disaster.

Policy Terms

Every Tyler automobile insurance policy will begin with your "declarations". Declarations state the type of coverage you have obtained and in Tyler, TX, the minimum coverage is liability. Your declaration will explain the liability amounts in what is called split term. That means if you have liability coverage of 30/60/25, your liability limits are 30,000.00 for injury, 60,000.00 total for injuries suffered in an accident, and 25,000.00 for damages resulting from an automobile accident.

Your declaration will also include descriptions of your Tyler, TX collision coverage and your comprehensive coverage as well if they apply. You will have a detailed description of your deductibles too. It's good to be able to reference your coverage so you can compare your policy from time to time and even get quotes for rates from other companies and car insurance agents.

In order to understand your automobile policy, you need to understand some common terms in the Tyler auto insurance industry. For instance, when you make a claim, you need to tie that claim to a specific "peril". If you have an automobile insurance policy that specifies individual claims you can make under certain perils, that is called a "broad form" or "basic form" policy. That means you can only make claims of theft or vandalism or collision under certain circumstances that must be stated in your policy. There is also a "special form" which can be attached to your policy and covers all perils involved in a claim, unless they are specifically excluded by name.

"Exclusions" are perils which have been specifically mentioned as excluded from your Texas policy. Examples of these are willful destruction, meaning you did the damage on purpose, depreciated value, and maintenance issues. These are pretty much assumed to be excluded, however it's good to have it in writing.

"Endorsements" are specific changes to your Tyler, TX automobile insurance policy. These endorsements are put in place by the Tyler auto insurance agent and can be the result of a discount, or something you have requested. A conditional safe driver discount, for example, would fall under the term endorsement.

You may have endorsements to cover custom parts replacement if you have installed custom parts on your automobile after the point of sale. These are not custom parts added on by your dealership or manufacturer, but parts you have added yourself. They are covered up to a certain amount. If your custom parts are valued over that amount, you can further endorse additional custom parts with a separate endorsement.

The other terms you'll find in your full coverage policy are pretty much self-explanatory. Terms like rental reimbursement and roadside recovery are exactly what they say. In the event of an accident in which your car was damaged and needs repairs, your Tyler car insurance company will provide you with reimbursement for a rental car so you can go about your daily activities. Roadside recovery will cover towing.

If you find you are still uncertain about the terms in your Tyler automobile insurance policy booklet, ask an agent for help. After all, they write these policies. They are the true keepers of the Rosetta Stone of car insurancese and will be impressed by your eagerness to learn.


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