Tuscaloosa Automobile Insurance

Tuscaloosa automobile insurance is protection for you and your family against the unexpected events you may encounter on the highways around your Alabama home. Your Tuscaloosa vehicle insurance also goes a long way toward protecting one of your biggest investments, your automobile, from damage or loss. As a safe driver, you also want to take steps to protect yourself, your family and your investment from damage or harm. Your Tuscaloosa auto insurance company realizes this and rewards you with low automobile insurance rates and automobile insurance policy quotes you can use to compare for the best insurance deal.

As you travel the roads around your Tuscaloosa, AL home, you're aware of the many road improvements being undertaken by the Alabama Department of Transportation. These areas are often designated by plenty of signage, allowing you ample time to slow your automobile and maintain the minimum speed limit, which is posted for your safety and the safety of others. This may cause a delay in your arrival time at your Tuscaloosa, AL destination, but observing the construction zone speed limits is the law and you will be ticketed a hefty fine, which may also cause your Tuscaloosa, Alabama auto insurance rates to rise.

Most people know to slow their automobile to the posted limits, however, not many are aware of the dangers looming, for automobile drivers as well as construction workers, in the construction zone. It's a good idea to become aware of safe driving practices in the construction zone, and to put them into practice. With all the automobile travel on the roads in Tuscaloosa and elsewhere, there's sure to be lane additions, road widening, and general maintenance, on the roads you travel sometime in the near future.

Safe Construction Zone Driving

The minimum driving speeds posted in construction zones can be, well, pretty minimal. In some areas your automobile speed can be slowed down from 55 miles per hour to 25 miles per hour. At this rate, especially in times of high traffic, your estimated arrival at your destination can be affected greatly. You probably wouldn't want to risk extended your arrival time even more by adding an accident or ticket to the mix. Not only would it slow you down immensely, but your Tuscaloosa discounted automobile insurance rates would climb as well.

It should go without saying that now is not the time for distracted driving. It's a good idea, when entering a construction zone, to put down the handheld device, or nix the cell phone usage altogether. Put both hands on the steering wheel, and turn off the radio if need be. You need to be one hundred percent engaged with the task at hand and not apt to be distracted by anything. Not only does your own safety depend upon you being alert, but the safety of all of those around you.

Along with being alert, it's imperative that you are prepared for anything. There's plenty of activity on construction sites. Heavy equipment is operating around you. There are construction and Tuscaloosa DOT workers within inches of your automobile. Any number of things can happen. Be prepared!

You must also maintain vigilance. There could be lane closures, lane mergers, and changes to the normal driving pattern for that area. Now is not the time for tailgating and aggressive driving. Make sure there's a safe distance between you and the car in front of you. Directions can change rapidly and you don't need a rear end collision. Be on the lookout for instructional signs as they can be easily missed in the hub bub of activity that occurs in a Tuscaloosa construction site.

Often times, while traveling in your automobile, yo

u'll hear frequent traffic updates on your automobile radio. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about local construction zones before you find yourself in one. Also, your local newspaper will typically have a section devoted to traffic alerts and ongoing construction activity. Ask your Tuscaloosa auto insurance representative for any other information resources.

How Construction Zone Violations Affect your Insurance Rates

How you proceed through a posted construction zone or highway work site will affect your Tuscaloosa car insurance. In most of the larger highway construction zones, the Alabama Department of Public Safety posts state troopers to nab anyone who violates special construction zone speed limits and rules of the road. Your fine will be high-typically double the norm-and your ticket will go against your insurance points, possibly raising your Tuscaloosa automobile insurance premiums quite a bit.

If you have any doubts about the laws governing construction zone safety for drivers in the Tuscaloosa, AL area, check with your Tuscaloosa automobile insurance agent for further information. Your insurance agent wants you to be aware, not only as you drive through the construction zone, but also before you get there. It may help save a life.


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