Trenton Automobile Insurance

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Our free online service can provide you with information regarding coverage from all the top Trenton, New Jersey automobile insurance companies. Not only that, but you'll find the most up-to-date information regarding the laws governing insurance in the state of New Jersey including the minimum required amount of coverage you must carry. You can also gather Trenton car insurance quotes for rates and use them to compare policies so you can get the most Trenton automobile insurance policy for the money.

Laws Governing Trenton, NJ

Trenton, NJ is a town of right around 85,000 residents. Much of the population is made up of young families and these families go about their day in the usual way. Work, school, recreational pursuits, errand-running and entertainment make up a good bit of the driving in and around the city.

At any given time there can be any number of vehicles on the road as the people who live in and around Trenton move through their day to day activities. It's a wise idea to procure the most Trenton automobile insurance you can afford.

There are two types of insurance systems in this country and every state subscribes to one or the other. The tort system of insurance mandates that, in the event of an automobile accident, someone must be found to be the at-fault party. This party then claims any and all responsibility for injury or damages as a result of the automobile accident. Through their automobile insurance company, the at-fault party compensates the injured party for medical bills and vehicle damage suffered in the accident. If the at-fault party's coverage doesn't allow enough compensation, the injured can sue for the balance of medical bills, along with lost wages and pain and suffering.

The second system, and the one NJ subscribes to, is called no-fault. Trenton no-fault automobile coverage requires you to provide personal injury protection, or PIP, and uninsured motorist protection. This is in addition to the minimum liability requirements you must meet. PIP is designed to protect you in the event the at-fault party's liability coverage does not provide sufficiently for your medical bills. Uninsured motorist provides for coverage in the event the at-fault party in an automobile accident is not insured. Both are for your own protection.

Types of Trenton Vehicle Insurance

There are three basic types of Trenton auto insurance. Each of them can be expanded upon, however you must carry the minimum amount of liability coverage in order to comply with the automobile registration laws of the state and drive legally in the state. Failure to provide proof of financial responsibility can result in hefty penalties, including fines, revocation of registration and suspension of drivers license. You will also risk double or even triple insurance premium amounts once you do obtain coverage.

The basic liability coverage required to drive legally in the state compensates for bodily injury and damage to property in the event of an accident for which you are deemed at fault. Your coverage will compensate the injured party for medical bills and any damage to their automobile. Remember, the minimal coverage doesn't always offer you the best protection, especially if your vehicle should sustain damage.

The next rung on the Trenton auto insurance ladder is collision coverage. Collision is designed to compensate you for any repairs your automobile may need as the result of an automobile accident, even if you are at-fault.  Collision insurance helps evade having high risk insurance coverage.

If your automobile is declared a total loss, you will be compensated the market value, that is the current value, and not the amount you paid for it. If you are paying a finance or leasing company, you will be required to carry Trenton collision coverage or risk repossession.

Comprehensive coverage provides repair of, or replacement compensation for, your vehicle in the event of weather damage, natural disasters, theft or vandalism. You will also be protected against collision with non-moving objects such as trees or telephone poles, and large animals, such as deer. Remember compensation will be at market value.

The Best Protection

Trenton automobile insurance provides you with protection against the unforeseen events on the road of life. Protecting yourself and your family with the best, most affordable coverage allows you the confidence you need to make the journey. You can drive happy in the knowledge you're covered.


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