Towing Coverage

Towing coverage does come standard in automobile insurance policies although it is one of those things that will certainly come in handy for everyone who drives at some point in their driving lifetime. It is not generally regarded as an insurance matter. Most people, and even insurance carriers, seem to view towing as a support service rather than a matter for an insurance company, so customers who want it as a clause in their motor vehicle insurance coverage will usually have to ask for it very specifically, especially if the policy is only rental coverage.

It is important especially that motor vehicle insurance customers know that the standard car insurance policy provides towing coverage only if the vehicle is involved in an accident and is so badly damaged that it has to be driven away. It will not cover towing if the car just breaks down because of some mechanical failure or as a result of normal wear and tear. Insurance companies will, however, cover only repairs performed at the breakdown site, not those done at the repair shop.

Fortunately for motorists, towing services are available from other agencies that and the options are vastly more numerous. Many carmakers and dealers now offer towing with all new car purchases, and for a number of years or mileage, even if the vehicles is on its second or third owner.

Triple A

Of course, towing and just about every other possible related service are standard offerings of the American Automobile Association, better known by everyone as Triple A. Unlike a car company or traditional insurance carrier, Triple A is a membership organization that serves motorists in many different ways, so offering additional and even unusual services that make the lives of the organizations paying members a little easier is actually a quite natural extension of their core business. Triple A has in many ways set the standard, and the trend in recent years has been for some insurance agencies, carmakers, and even credit card companies to offer towing services to their customers.

The coverage these companies offer has towing as its base, but it includes emergency roadside assistance of just about any kind, whatever the cause. The vehicle does not have to have been involved in an accident. If a motorist runs out of gas a roadside assistance vehicle will come out. If a person accidentally locks the keys in the vehicle in the middle of a highway rest stop an hour's drive from the nearest town, roadside assistance will come out to open the vehicle. Some coverage will also reimburse some or all of the extraordinary transportation costs for the motorist and passengers if the vehicle cannot be driven.

Towing coverage nowadays is more frequently, and more properly, termed roadside assistance, a more inclusive umbrella term for the wide range of services that are provided, generally by the people who tow cars, and drive tow trucks. Motorists can avoid duplicating this, and the relative payments, by checking whether they already have this service through their carmakers and credit card companies. It could make a difference in the range of services available to them, and in the cost of the coverage.


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