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Thornton automobile insurance companies know how devastating it can be if you're involved in an automobile accident. Even if there are no serious injuries, and minor damage to your automobile, your accident haunts you. Those "what if" moments can cause you many sleepless nights and shaky times throughout the day. Believing somewhere in your mind that you could've done something to prevent your accident is a useless preoccupation, yet somehow we all do it. If we were only as good at forgiving ourselves as the Thornton automobile insurance companies are at forgiving accidents we could all sleep much easier.

Of course you expect your rates to increase in the event of an automobile accident. Accidents can happen to anyone in Colorado, even safe drivers. There are the claims you must make and, if the automobile accident was your fault, there are the points on your driving record, which will reflect in your Thornton area automobile insurance, right? Not necessarily. You may be surprised to learn about some Colorado auto insurance companies Accident Forgiveness program.

What is Accident Forgiveness

Many Thornton auto insurance companies offer what is termed "Accident Forgiveness". You've probably heard the term before. But what exactly is accident forgiveness and how does it work? Moreover, how can you obtain a policy that offers you accident forgiveness?

Thornton car insurance companies, like all car insurance companies, have a system they use to rate drivers. For instance, someone with a pristine driving record will start out their relationship with their insurer with a possible 6 merits. With each violation against their driving record, the merits will drop. Depending on the degree of the violation, your merits can drop down a lot, possibly to zero.

In the event of an automobile accident in which you are found to be at fault, your merits will drop considerably. Your merits will no longer reflect your safe driving status, and actually show you to be a bigger insurance risk. Your risk factor will then be reflected in your rates, either with the Thornton automobile insurance company you have a t the time of the automobile accident, or with any future Thornton vehicle insurance you obtain.

However, if your driving record is clean and you have Accident Forgiveness built into your policy, you may, depending on the degree of the damage or injury, find that your insurer has only dropped your merit, or safe driver standing, minimally. Your Thornton auto insurance agent and company will not count as much against you, thus "forgiving" your accident.

Who can Obtain Accident Forgiveness

In order to be eligible for Accident Forgiveness you must have a clean driving record. In most states that means no moving violations of any kind-accidents or tickets-for a minimum of 5 years. Accident forgiveness can be built into an automobile policy with some Thornton, CO automobile insurance companies, or you can, for an additional fee, expand your Thornton insurance coverage to include that endorsement.

If you have an accident, or in some cases, a moving violation, that goes on your Colorado driving record, that will essentially eat up your one chance for Accident Forgiveness, which puts you back in the high risk category with every infraction going forward. If your Thornton, CO teenager is added to your policy, your Accident Forgiveness does not apply to him or her. In fact, you must be over 25 years of age, with an excellent record and no previous accidents to qualify for Accident Forgiveness with most every Thornton area automobile insurance provider.

As stated, not everyone will qualify for this benefit. Even including it as an endorsement on your policy for additional cost doesn't automatically qualify you for Accident Forgiveness through Thornton, CO insurers. If you have had any kind of serious accident, or an arrest, which involves alcohol or any other controlled substance (DUI/DWI) you will automatically be assumed to be high-risk. This will prevent you from being eligible for this benefit. Though non-moving violations won't prevent you from obtaining Accident Forgiveness, any violations which show reckless driving or habitual disregard for automobile driving laws, will keep you from being considered eligible.

Find Out More

You can find out more about Accident Forgiveness and see how you can qualify by using our free service. Determine which plan is best for your protection and that of your loved ones. You can find out coverage and compare Thornton auto insurance quotes online from your Colorado home. The service is free to you and it's easy to get started.

Your Thornton automobile insurance agency understands the need to forgive an accident when you have exhibited nothing but exemplary driving behavior. You need to know your safe driving and respect for the road is rewarded. After all, that's why they're called "accidents"


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