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St Clair Shores automobile insurance is priority when it comes to safeguarding your family and financial life. The law requires every registered automobile owner to carry a minimum liability coverage. We can connect you with agents who provide free quotes. You owe it to yourself not to pay too much. With the convenience of the internet, shopping for fair St Clair Shores auto insurance is a breeze. Educate yourself, first by reading this Michigan car insurance article. In it you will find necessary and vital information for St Clair Shores car insurance. St Clair Shores auto insurance is like no other in the United States because your automobile is covered under three unique levels of protection.

The No Fault System

The Michigan "no fault" system was adopted in 1973, increasing the amount of benefits for injured MI drivers. It is available to all cities in the area including St Clair Shores. It is against MI law to drive an automobile without this "no fault" coverage. There are three parts to this insurance, the first being personal injury protection or "PIP." Upon being injured in an accident, all of your medical costs will be covered. If you are severely injured or killed, up to three years in wages can be awarded to you and your family based on your earnings at the time of the accident and your fringe benefits. Also a common car insurance question many have regards miscellaneous costs: you may be eligible for $20.00 per day for miscellaneous costs such as yard work, babysitting or housekeeping.

The second is called personal protection insurance or "PPI," which will pay up to one million dollars in property damages as long as the accident occurs within the state, including any damages you may cause to another person's parked automobile. The final is called residual liability insurance for bodily injury and property damages or "BI/PD." This is the most unique aspect about St Clair Shores automobile insurance. It prevents you from getting sued by another driver except under extreme circumstances such as death or severe injury. Other exceptions include: if the offended is registered in another state or if you are involved in an accident outside of MI.

Smart Options

Under Michigan state law, the minimum liability coverage is $20,000 for anyone injured or killed, $40,000 for the accident and $10,000 for property damages. [1] In some cases, it may be a good idea for St Clair Shores drivers to purchase extra liability or collision options because courts have the ability to award the offended more than what you're liability can cover. The no fault system will not cover damages to your own automobile. You will need collision and comprehensive coverage in order to fully protect your assets in case the accident proves to be your fault.

It is imperative to ask questions because there are so many options to consider for St Clair Shores' motorists. There are three different types of collision insurance: limited, standard and broad form. Broad form will cover the damages to your vehicle regardless who is at fault; plus a deductible is only paid if you are clearly at fault for the accident. St Clair Shores standard collision coverage will repair all damages to your own automobile, and a deductible is paid every time on your part. Limited will pay to repair your automobile as long as you are not substantially at fault for the collision.

St Clair Shores Comprehensive insurance will cover damages caused by natural disasters such as fire, hail and storms. It also covers harm to your automobile caused by theft and collision with animals. If an object, say a tree branch, were to fall onto your automobile, a comprehensive policy will cover it.

When Speaking With Agents

Know that no St Clair Shores automobile insurance agent can turn you down because it is the law for them to insure you. Look elsewhere If an agent ever says the following to you: "We aren't taking anymore clients in that area," or "We can only insure you if we can also insure you home." Only rarely will a driver not be applicable for St Clair Shores auto insurance. If this is the case, then you may register for the Michigan automobile insurance placement facility. It was developed to help those who cannot get coverage due to low credit scores. Any St Clair Shores agency has the authority to connect you with this if needed.

You have no excuse. Paying too much for St Clair Shores Automobile Insurance isn't smart. A plethora of insurance options are available to you and your family via this website. Know what you're paying for automobile security. The beautiful city of St Clair Shores has become a beacon of prosperity. Famous for its hockey teams, scholarships and opportunity, St Clair Shores Vehicle insurance proudly defends its citizens while on the road. 10/01/2011

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