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South Carolina automobile insurance requirements are based on the laws of the state. South Carolina is a tort state and a comparative negligence state. Tort simply means that not at fault drivers can go after at fault drivers in car accidents to collect on their medical and property losses. Comparative negligence puts a little different spin on things, however. This means that both drivers can be found to be partially at fault in an accident. So, if one driver was found to be 70 percent at fault for causing a collision and the other driver was found 30 percent at fault, the driver that was substantially at fault would only be required to pay that corresponding portion of the other driver's losses that went along with their own share of the blame [1].

Tort law makes it very important for motorists in Columbia, Charleston, North Charleston, Greenville, Rock Hill, and all over the state of South Carolina to get liability coverage, but comparative negligence really increases your need for collision protection as a driver in South Carolina. We are only required to carry liability and uninsured motorist insurance on an automobile, but collision as well as comprehensive and underinsured coverages are certainly advised. Take a good look at each of the options that you have as a South Carolina policy holder and come up with the right combination of protection that works best for you. Save money on your South Carolina auto insurance when you shop and compare car insurance prices online among some of the leading providers serving drivers in the state.

Framing an SC Automobile Policy

Putting your South Carolina car insurance plan together involves evaluating all of the options that are out there for coverage and choosing what's best for your automobile. SC drivers have many different optional elements that they can choose from, on top of the choices they actually have to make regarding the mandatory portions of coverage that we all have to include. In these mandatory portions you have choices to add to your limits of coverage beyond what the state of South Carolina requires. And these optional endorsements can round out the plan, although of course they also add to your premium.

Some people, for instance, choose to include towing and roadside assistance to their South Carolina vehicle insurance plans. These and other riders that we could add to our policies increase their value and make our coverage much broader and more inclusive. It is important to come up with combinations that make sense to you given your coverage goals and the budget that you have to work with as a consumer. Selecting your South Carolina automobile insurance and making sure it works well for you require you to spend a little time evaluating what's out there and seeing what fits.

Choose an SC Insurance Provider

Automobile owners searching for a good value on South Carolina auto insurance need to look at multiple important factors when they are trying to decide which automobile insurance company to go with on their next policies. To begin with, we have the issue of pricing to deal with. Clearly, this is something that probably represents the most important factor for most drivers. Automobile coverage can be very expensive, even for folks with a good record and no points on their license. Getting rates down where you need them to be can get tough. You need to find a plan that really protects you and your automobile, a provider that is willing to take care of your family.

But the cost of things is not all that matters. Automobile insurance is more than just something we try to find a cheap price on as buyers. When you get quotes, you also want to make sure the companies you are considering for South Carolina automobile insurance are well equipped to advocate for you and be your defender when any claim arises. Get the automobile insurance that you can count on and work with a South Carolina auto insurance provider that you know you can trust. Shop online among the best carriers in the state and get an automobile premiums and protection that fit you.

Use our free form to explore automobile insurance options and check out everything that is out there for you as a consumer in the state. All over South Carolina there are some wonderful providers that supply the needs of their customers and stand up for them when claims arise. Getting online and examining a good number of these companies all at once gives you a great chance to come out with a top flight plan at a great price. Find the South Carolina automobile insurance company that can do the best job of representing your interests as a driver.

[1] Retrieved 2011-01-27.

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