Senior Citizen Automobile Insurance

There is no automobile insurance policy specifically for older drivers although some companies might offer discounts or other incentives to their customers that take into account their age and level of experience. The requirements for being a safe driver are the same everywhere and regardless of age or any other characteristic. Automobile insurance cannot be denied to any person on the basis of age in the same way that they cannot be denied for any of the other reasons that discourage discrimination.

The Division of Motor Vehicles and the state Departments of Transportation generally require that older drivers above a certain age undergo routine or specific medical checks including vision tests, at regular or more or less frequent intervals to help determine their ability to safely conduct a motor vehicle. The age at which this requirement begins can vary from state to state, but as long as a person fulfills these requirements for the division of motor vehicles, and is allowed a drivers license, that person cannot be denied car insurance.

Advantages of Senior Drivers

In any case, senior citizens have many factors working in their favor, characteristics that can make them very attractive prospects for companies selling motor vehicle insurance. For one thing, they are often some of the safest driers using the streets and highways every day. They are generally much more likely to stick to or even drive below the speed limits, and will likely have many years of driving experience.

Senior citizens are also usually quite defensive and even conservative drivers, not prone to road rage or other such kinds of exhibitions of aggressive behavior. This, of course, significantly reduces the likelihood of accidents in which they will be at fault, intentionally or otherwise. They often drive larger automobiles, also, which makes them easier to see and easier for other motorists to avoid hitting.

When a senior citizen decides to purchase car insurance, they will do what all other people do. They will either continue their relationship with their current agent or carrier, or they will shop around for a new one and compare quotes and other services. They can begin to do this online from the comfort of their home, and then once they have gathered enough information, they can set up an appointment to meet with an insurance agent to discuss their insurance needs and preferences.

When the senior submits an application for motor vehicle insurance, the insurance agent will make the same considerations as for any other class of driver. The agent will examine the driving record, and run a credit check. The estimate will consider the make and model of the vehicle, as well as the mileage to get an idea of other coverage such as towing that the senior might need. Naturally, cars that are older will most likely have a lower value and will cost less to insure, as will cars that are less expensive brands.

The company will also do an investigation to ascertain the person's most recent history of accidents, and to assess the risk that person poses for the carrier in terms of the number of claims that could possibly be made. On the basis of what they discover about the person with regard to these factors, they could choose to refuse coverage, or to offer incentives and rewards such as reduced car insurance quotes.

Having found an insurance company that offers both the level of service and a price that is acceptable, the senior citizen can proceed to purchase a policy and continue driving, confident in both their personal driving ability and their liability coverage.


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