Santa Monica Automobile Insurance

Santa Monica automobile insurance is a necessity in the state of California. You'll need to obtain and provide proof before you register your automobile with the state, and you have a short window of just 20 days from the time you declare residency in which to register your automobile. That doesn't give you a whole lot of time to find out about the laws governing Santa Monica automobile insurance, find the coverage you need and make a thorough comparison of rates and policies.

The road to Santa Monica auto insurance need not be fraught with stress. By using our free service, you can go online, find out about Santa Monica, CA laws as they apply to you and your automobile insurance, review insurance coverage options and gather quotes so that you can compare California auto insurance and make an informed choice. Our free online service is available to you 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, right from your own computer. What could be easier?

Santa Monica Lifestyle

Santa Monica, CA is the consummate West Coast beach village. Like something right out of the surfer anthems of the 1960's, Santa Monica offers the casual lifestyle, the romance of the pier and the ocean. It's a resort town, to be sure, but it's also home to just under 90,000 residents.

The majority of the residents of Santa Monica, CA are between the ages of 25 to 60. This makes for a young and active community of people. It's more of a young professional upscale community and no one would describe this town as a bedroom community.

The residents of Santa Monica are a diverse group-not only in age, but also occupation. There are all sorts of automobiles on the road night and day, and as a suburb of L.A., there's plenty of traffic on the freeways and in and around the area as the residents make their way to the bigger city for work and entertainment. For that reason, you need to protect yourself and your automobile by securing Santa Monica auto insurance.

State Laws Governing Automobile Insurance

Every state has minimum requirements for financial responsibility, or being insured, in order to operate an automobile. Each state has penalties for not having automobile insurance, and some are more severe than others, but all can be quite costly. In California, failure to provide proof of financial responsibility can cost you a hefty fine, as well as revocation of your driver's license and registration and possible jail time. You need to be able to show proof you are insured if you are ever involved in an accident or stopped by police for any reason.

California is a tort state, meaning they operate under the tort system of automobile In the event of an automobile accident, it's mandatory to find an at-fault party. That party then assumes any and all responsibility for injury and damage that occur as a result of the accident. Through the insurer, the at-fault party will provide compensation to the victim for medical bills and repairs to their automobile. If the compensation isn't enough, the at-fault party could be sued for the balance along with lost wages and pain and suffering. If you only provide the minimum personal vehicle coverage you could end up unprotected if you go to court.

The minimum amount of Santa Monica auto insurance you are required to carry by law is liability. Liability is supposed to protect you in the event of an accident for which you are deemed at-fault, by providing compensation for bodily injury or death, as discussed above. Liability also provides repair compensation for the other vehicle. The amounts of compensation are fairly limited, thus leaving you open to a law suit. It's wise to expand your Santa Monica vehicle insurance.

Expanding your Santa Monica Car Insurance

If you have a car on which you're still making payments to a leasing agency or lending institution, you'll be required to carry full comprehensive coverage, and in some cases gap insurance. This is for the protection of the finance company as well as your own protection. If your automobile should be damaged beyond repair, then your insurance coverage will provide market value, or current worth, compensation, as well as any amount between that and what you still owe. Collision and comprehensive are designed to protect you by compensating you for your vehicle repairs or replacement in an accident, even if you are at fault.

Every Santa Monica automobile insurance policy is unique and tailored to your personal needs. Finding the one that's right for you may mean expanding a little or a lot. You may want to include such things as DVD player or GPS in your coverage. Our Santa Monica automobile insurance is for your protection. Make sure you drive away in confidence knowing you are protected to the fullest.

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