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San Diego automobile insurance helps to keep drivers in San Diego from being held financially liable for automobile accidents in which they may be at fault. Plus, there is the fact that insurers throughout California are required to report when they insure an automobile. The only vehicles and individuals exempt from reporting that insurance exists are commercial and business vehicles. [1]

If in an accident in San Diego or anywhere else, it is important to produce that your San Diego auto insurance exists. This is because a law enforcement officer who asks for proof can impose a penalty if that proof is not produced. You also need to provide proof if you are in an automobile accident. What this proof does is show that you can handle the financial responsibility if an accident is your fault.

You do, however, have to make sure that the San Diego car insurance you have is, in fact, enough to cover damages. The minimums in California are $15,000 for the injury or death of an individual, $30,000 for the injury or death of more than one person, and $5,000 for property damage. [1] This is where you have to ask yourself if you think that the coverage amount is enough. You then have to ask yourself if you can cover significant medical expenses if the amount of San Diego vehicle insurance you have is not enough.

If you are someone who may not have significant assets to cover an automobile accident if it were your fault, then it may be in your best interest to consider higher liability coverage. If you require other options, it may be ideal for you to evaluate those as well.


Because you can add additional options to your California automobile insurance in San Diego, you can easily raise the cost of your insurance premium. That is why you should make sure you need the add-ons that you opt for. If you add something that you don't really need, then you will be doing something that is the opposite of saving money unless you truly believe you will one day need the service and what you pay in your premiums will not exceed the cost of buying the service itself.

And whether you have liability or full coverage insurance, evaluate your options carefully. For instance, towing is an option that you can opt for. Towing is a service you need when your vehicle breaks down. You simply call a towing service, they come and get your vehicle, and they tow it to where you need it to go. If you are on vacation, this can be to a hotel or somewhere where you can get your automobile fixed. If you have a roadside assistance program in CA, you should evaluate the pros and cons of that service against the pros and cons of the towing service offered by your San Diego automobile insurance company.

What you might find is that it is easier to pay for your roadside assistance with your automobile insurance in San Diego than to pay for it separately through another entity.

Roadside Assistance

Although towing is a type of roadside assistance, another add-on you can add to your San Diego auto insurance is actual roadside assistance. This is assistance that includes gasoline assistance if you run out of gas and tire change service. If you are stranded, you can get more than towing service with roadside assistance. You never know when you may be driving the coast in California and you become stranded.

There are some events, however, that roadside assistance cannot fix. If you are in an accident in, your automobile is going to be damaged. If you add a rental car option onto your San Diego auto insurance policy, you can have a rental car for either a reduced price or completely paid for while your automobile is being repaired. This is an item that is typically available when an automobile accident is not your fault.

Your coverage can be simple or it can be complex. Since you are able to customize your San Diego automobile insurance, you can make it as simple or as complex as you want. It simply depends on what you need and what you don't need.

One thing you may wish to focus on, though, is making sure your San Diego automobile insurance policy is enough to cover an accident in San Diego or anywhere in the United States. Although San Diego itself can be considered a rather fun and laid back city, the truth is that the occasional automobile accident does happen and people do get hurt. The last thing you want is to be in an accident where the damages far exceed what your insurance covers. This could wreak havoc on your financial life because your assets could be the payment.

[1] 06/09/2010

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