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San Antonio automobile insurance is mandatory. When a person signs up for automobile insurance, it is reported to TexasSure. TexasSure is a program that is used to keep track of who is insured and who isn't. If a person is found to be driving without San Antonio auto insurance, then there are penalties that must be paid, including license revocation. [1]

TexasSure is used to prevent fraud because, in the past, individuals in San Antonio had received their post-dated insurance cards to only cancel the policy and use the card to produce to a law enforcement officer upon request. Back then, law enforcement did not have a way to verify whether the card was valid or not.

Despite the laws, you want to have San Antonio car insurance anyway because it protects you in the case that you are at fault in an automobile accident and you can also obtain protection against accidents with uninsured or underinsured drivers in the case that you are not at fault in an accident.

Avoid Uninsured Drivers

It is unfortunate that despite the measures put in place in Texas that there are still uninsured drivers on the roads. These are individuals who have either not been caught yet or they are driving with a suspended license.

Although protection against uninsured and underinsured drivers is not mandatory, this is a type of Texas auto coverage you may not want to ignore. Even if an uninsured driver does not have San Antonio vehicle insurance, that doesn't mean he or she is not financially liable for the automobile accident. In this case, they are held personally liable. This means that they have to use their money and assets to satisfy the liability. However, it can take years before you would see any money and you simply don't have years. You don't want to wait years before your automobile is fixed or your injuries are paid for.

When you have uninsured driver coverage, your automobile insurance company goes ahead and pays you the damages and they then pursue the other driver for what they paid you.

Basically, if you buy the minimum San Antonio automobile insurance, which is liability, you are buying automobile insurance that is made to protect other people from you. When you buy underinsured motorist coverage, you are buying insurance in San Antonio, TX that protects you from other people.

Luckily, adding uninsured motorist coverage on to your San Antonio auto insurance is not very expensive. You may want to consider making your limits the same as your liability limits. And don't forget that you can increase your limits to your San Antonio auto insurance to what you feel is appropriate protection. Basically, you can make your limits to your San Antonio coverage as high as you want as long as the limits you choose remain within your budget. The idea is to buy as much San Antonio automobile insurance as you can afford.

There are a variety of other add-ons that you can purchase in order to provide yourself with the right coverage in case you are in an automobile accident in San Antonio. Luckily, you have enough flexibility to have only what you need and to eliminate what you don't need from your policy. This keeps you from spending too much money on your coverage.

Defensive Driving in San Antonio

Defensive driving is one of the best ways to avoid an accident in San Antonio and anywhere you need to drive. This doesn't mean you are going to avoid an automobile accident completely. This simply means that you are reducing your chances of an accident.

Just be sure to report an automobile accident as soon as it occurs. Don't waste any time. And if the other party says, "Don't call the police, it's okay," don't trust in this. The individual may later say that you were at fault and you would not have a police report to prove your innocence. And if the automobile accident is your fault, they can still decide to take action later.

If you are driving in other states besides Texas, be careful because there are some states that have a large percentage of uninsured drivers because, despite the fact they have laws, some states do not enforce their laws as strictly as TX does. When driving in another state, you are subject to their insurance laws. There are times in which this can work to your advantage.

So in order to comply with Texas state laws, San Antonio automobile insurance can help you do just that. You can also make sure you are adequately protected in every way in the case of an automobile accident, regardless of fault. And there is no need for you to have to pay a lot of money either because there are affordable rates for great coverage.

[1] 06/20/10

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