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Round Rock automobile insurance covers your financial responsibility as a Texas driver. However, an automobile insurance policy can do much more than give you the basic coverage you need to drive legally. Your car is a valuable asset, and a comprehensive Texas policy can protect this investment against damage in a collision, fire or natural disaster. Round Rock vehicle insurance can also pay for the repair or replacement of your automobile if it's damaged during an attempted break-in or stolen.

Located near Austin, the city of Round Rock has been voted as one of the best small cities to live in the US. Round Rock is growing quickly, largely because the city has become the home of several major national corporations. Large shopping centers, recreational facilities and a strong public education system have made Round Rock a thriving community. Round Rock car insurance gives you the financial security you need to enjoy living, working and driving in this vibrant TX city.

Proof of Financial Responsibility

TX law requires that drivers provide proof of financial responsibility, so that the driver can cover the costs of other parties' bodily injuries or property damage if he or she causes an automobile accident. Auto liability insurance pays for other individuals' medical treatment, car repairs or other property loss if you are at fault. If you do not carry Round Rock auto insurance, you must have another authorized means of proving that you can pay for an accident that you caused.

According to the TX financial responsibility law, drivers must carry enough liability insurance to pay $30,000 for each person injured in an accident, up to a total of $60,000 per accident. Your liability insurance policy must also cover property damage up to $25,000. [1] This liability coverage is known as 30/60/25 automobile insurance. Many drivers in Round Rock choose to carry more than the 30/60/25 liability limit, because of the likelihood that in a serious auto collision, total damages would exceed these amounts.

If you are asked to provide proof of financial responsibility, you must show a police officer or another authority a current Round Rock automobile insurance card. You will be asked to show your proof of insurance card if you are involved in an automobile accident, or if you are stopped by the police for a possible traffic violation. You will also be asked to show the card when you register the automobile or renew your registration, when you obtain or renew a driver's license or when you have the car inspected.

Fines for not being able to prove that you have Round Rock auto insurance are steep. A first offense may cost up to $350. Further offenses will cost higher fines and may result in a driver's license suspension. Failure to prove financial responsibility if you are driving without a license or cause a serious automobile accident could lead to jail time. [1] An affordable Round Rock auto insurance policy keeps you safe and legal when you're driving.

Standard Automobile Coverages

When you shop for Round Rock automobile insurance, you aren't limited to a basic liability policy. Many insurers sell a standardized policy called the Texas Personal Automobile Policy, which includes eight types of coverage which you'll learn when reviewing auto policies. Terms, conditions and rates may vary from one Round Rock provider to another, so it's well worth your time to compare quotes from several insurers before you make a decision about the type of automobile coverage that's best for you, your vehicle and your budget.

The eight coverages included in a standard personal automobile policy include liability coverage, which covers injuries and property damage, funeral costs, legal damages, attorney's fees, lost wages and other losses associated with an accident. The policyholder, family members, passengers and injured parties are covered. Collision coverage, damage caused by hazards other than a collision, medical payments, personal injury protection, protection against uninsured motorists, towing and roadside repair and car rental are also included in a standard policy.

When you're shopping for a policy, consider your needs and financial resources. If you own an older car that doesn't have a high monetary value, you may decide that comprehensive and collision protection aren't worth the extra cost. Work with a reliable, experienced Round Rock insurer to choose a policy that gives you the protection you need without any features or benefits that you aren't likely to use.

Round Rock automobile insurance discounts help you save money on the cost of insuring your vehicle. Ask about discounts for insuring multiple cars, or for insuring your house and your auto through the same company. Young drivers can receive a discount by completing a safety course through the state's Department of Public Safety, or by earning good grades. When you work with a trusted provider, you'll get the best deal on the protection that you and your loved ones need. 10/08/2011

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