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Redding automobile insurance companies are all about competing for the chance to win your business. Especially if you're a safe driver, with a low mileage, low-risk automobile, and 25 or over. You, as a consumer, can benefit from this competition by being able to gather quotes and compare them in order to get the lowest rates you can find, while still obtaining the highest quality of coverage. As you seek out discounts for even lower rates, you'll see it's a win-win for you. But hold on a minute! Are you making the right decision to leave a company you've been with a long time just to save a few bucks? Does company loyalty count for anything? Of course it does!

Contact your Redding area automobile insurance company for a policy review and you may find you've neglected to inform them of a few changes that may have taken place over the years. Discuss with your Redding auto insurance agent the possibility of lowering your coverage and any recent changes in California auto insurance laws that might affect your automobile policy and your premiums. You could take advantage of your relationship with your Redding car insurance company's ability to apply discounts for long-term customers based on customer loyalty. You might find yourself saving a chunk of change just by making an inquiry.

Changing Companies

If you do compare your coverage and your premiums and find a deal that's just too good to pass up, notify your current California company. You might just find your Redding area automobile insurance broker will go to bat for you and make every attempt to lower your automobile premiums to meet those of the competing company. If you still find the rates are lower with another Redding auto insurance policy, then it might be time to make the change.

When you move your automobile policy to another Redding auto insurance company, you will lose your loyalty discount. Depending on how your automobile coverage was written, if you've been with that insurer for a long time, and how many cars are covered, your discount could be substantial. Switching companies might cost you at some point. That's why it's a good idea to investigate the ins and outs knowing exactly what your bottom line is before you switch Redding area automobile insurance.

Make Sure You're Covered

When you make the decision to switch companies, you'll need to make certain there are no gaps or lapses between when your old policy ended and your new policy begins. These lapses can show up as an interruption in your Redding automobile insurance coverage and show you to be a risky driver. If you're deemed high risk, for any reason, you will end up paying more for your Redding vehicle insurance than a safe driver. A lapse in coverage can't be explained away and you will appear as a risk to insurers. Make sure you maintain continuous coverage.

The best way to insure there's no lapse in automobile coverage is to make your policy application well in advance of your current coverage renewal date. In other words, if your current policy ends on June 30th, you'll need to make your application to your new Redding, CA automobile insurance company around mid-May. This will insure that you are approved and your new policy will be in effect a few weeks before your old policy ends. You might end up paying a premium and a half that month, but the extra protection to your reputation as an insurable individual is well worth it.

Be certain to ask for your Redding automobile insurance policy in advance so you can make certain you get all of the discounts and prices you were quoted by your new company. You don't want to make a mistake you'll end up paying for on the off chance someone misspoke. In your eagerness to obtain a less expensive policy, you may have forgotten about something, such as a moving violation or even a teenage driver. When the new Redding, CA company goes to write your new policy, these things will show up and your rate will increase because of it.

Remember also, if you have a multiple policy discount with your present company, you'll need to keep in mind, the company you choose to move your policy to may not do homeowners insurance to your satisfaction. If you leave your policy with your current California agency, you could lose discounts, making it all a wash. Find a Redding, CA company that can offer you a situation that's as close to your current automobile coverage as possible. Don't leave yourself underinsured in any case.

Ultimately, it's your own decision to change Redding automobile insurance companies. If you find you're going to be saving money and maintaining quality coverage, that's a good thing. It pays to take advantage of healthy competition.


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