Reading Automobile Insurance

Reading automobile insurance isn't just for your protection when you drive your automobile. Your car insurance can also cover you in the event someone else is driving your car and has an accident. However, don't just assume you are equally protected in the event another person, who's not on your Pennsylvania auto insurance policy, is found to be the at fault driver in an automobile accident.

There are plenty of reasons you might have someone else driving your automobile. Perhaps you asked your friend to run an errand for you. Maybe you need someone to drive your car if you become ill or incapacitated. People often go on trips together and take turns behind the wheel. Whatever your reason for having someone else operate your automobile from time to time, you do need to be aware of your rights and responsibilities when a driver other than you causes a car accident.

Other Drivers

The way Reading automobile insurance works is that it covers the protection of your car and not necessarily the driver. You are the responsible party no matter who you've given permission to drive your automobile, the way your Reading, Pennsylvania insurance company sees it. With that in mind, understand in some instances, if the damage to your automobile exceeds your coverage, you can assume the position of the primary responsible party and the person who was driving your car, and is the at-fault driver in the accident, will have their coverage provide a secondary party stance. What that means is that if someone else is driving your vehicle and wrecks it, causing significant damage, you, or your Reading car insurance company, would be responsible for the major portion of the repairs to your car, while your friend's insurer would pay a smaller, minimal portion toward the damages.

If you only have purchased liability coverage through your vehicle coverage broker, then your insurer won't pay for the damages to your car, only the damages suffered by the accident victim. In order to have your automobile protected, you must obtain Collision and Comprehensive insurance on your Reading auto insurance policy. A Reading liability only policy will leave you out in the cold as far as damage to your vehicle. However, if your damage is significant, you could always take legal action against the driver in the Reading, Pennsylvania accident.

Unnamed Drivers

When someone else is driving your Reading, PA vehicle that's not on the Reading vehicle insurance policy, and that person has an accident which is deemed someone else's fault, then the at-fault driver will be responsible for any damage to your vehicle. If legal action needs to be taken, you would want to sue the at-fault driver, and not the driver of your vehicle. In any event, you must remember accidents do happen and the only way to prepare for that scenario is to provide yourself as much Reading auto insurance coverage as you can possibly afford.

Not all Reading, PA insurance companies will provide coverage in all situations where someone else is driving your car. Certain situations and specific exclusions will not be covered unless clearly written into your Reading automobile insurance policy. In the event someone under the age of 18, even with your clear permission, is involved in an accident while driving your car, you won't be protected.

Review your Coverage

It's wise to review your Reading, PA insurance coverage to find out what, if any, exclusions related to someone else driving your automobile are listed. If you regularly need to have someone drive your automobile it might not be a bad idea to name them in your policy. This will help you avoid any conflicts. Remember, ultimately your Reading auto insurance is under your name and you bear the financial responsibility of any damage caused by an accident, both to the victim and to your insurer if your rates are raised.

There are certain cases in which you will be covered if another driver wrecks or totals your automobile. If your car is stolen and insured for comprehensive coverage, any damage resulting from the theft will be compensated. If you find someone has taken your automobile without your permission-say your friend's teenager-and gone out for a drive, only to have it end in him hitting a light post-you will be covered. Of course, both of these cases, along with the case of vandalism, will require a police report be made. You'll need a report from the authorities in order to settle the claim.

The best thing to do, if you are in doubt as to your protection in the event of another driver, is to check with your reading automobile insurance agency. If the coverage isn't satisfactory, you can inquire about making changes to your policy. This might be a good time to do a little shopping and gather some quotes and compare rates.


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