Portland Automobile Insurance

Portland automobile insurance comes in a number of forms. You have your liability insurance in Portland that is required by the state of Oregon. You are required to carry a minimum amount and your Portland auto insurance company is very aware of what this minimum amount is, so making sure you are carrying enough is not a problem.

You also have comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive is usually thought to be a part of full coverage insurance. However, you can add it onto your Oregon automobile insurance policy in Portland if you wish.

The reason why you may want to add it on to your liability policy is because it covers such events as theft and fire. These are two of the most common events that are covered under comprehensive and it is important to understand them both more in depth so that you can see why so many individuals in Portland, OR are purchasing it.


There are a number of things that you need to know about theft and how your Portland vehicle insurance can help you. You should always know exactly what it is your policy is covering.

So the first element of theft that the comprehensive coverage on your automobile takes care of is theft from your vehicle. You will first need to take a look at your deductible. If you are claiming an item of $400 that was stolen and you have a $500 deductible, you are better off paying the $400 for the stolen item rather than paying the $500 deductible for it. That doesn't make much sense.

The theft from your car is going to have to equal more than your deductible. So if you have $600 in items stolen from your Portland, OR automobile and your deductible is $500, you are going to pay the $500 and your insurance is going to pay the other $100.

There may even be times in which you question whether or not your Portland car insurance covers you. There are times in which it won't, such as in instances of negligence. If you leave your car running and someone steals something from it or even steals your automobile, your Oregon insurance company may not cover it since the door was wide open to the theft.

In order to minimize negligence, you will want to turn your automobile off when you are not with it, to always take the keys with you, and to not leave anything of value in sight.


An engine fire can occur at any time and cause your car to be destroyed. Overheating and other factors can cause a car to catch fire and this can be devastating.

Under the comprehensive section of your Portland automobile insurance policy, fire is covered as well. Being that fire renders a vehicle totaled, you will need to be reimbursed the value of the car so that you can buy a new one and be back on the road as soon as you can.

As with anything, this does take a little bit of time because all of the technicalities have to be worked out and payment has to be sent to you.


Keep in mind that the value of your automobile depreciates and this is what your Portland auto insurance company goes on when it comes to paying you for a stolen automobile. You can take the money and pay off your existing car loan or you can purchase a cheaper car.

In the case that there is damage to your automobile or it is stolen, it can take up to four weeks for your Portland automobile insurance to pay you. This is typical, though. This is just enough time for all of the documentation to be filled out and filed and for values to be established. This is where you may want to add a rental car onto your Portland, Oregon insurance if you know that there will be no other car that you can use.

You can ask your Portland auto insurance company about adding rental car reimbursement so that you can rent a car for very little or nothing at all when you are waiting on your payment so that you can repair your damaged automobile or buy a new one. Besides, the time it takes to pay out gives you the time that you need to find another automobile somewhere in Portland.

The important factor in regards to Portland automobile insurance covering theft or the occurrence of fire of your automobile is that you are not in a situation where you receive nothing. You are not left standing, wondering what you are going to do next because you do not have a car and you don't know how else you are going to get one any time soon.


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