Portland Automobile Insurance

Portland automobile insurance is your first line of protection when it comes to the financial investment you've made in your automobile. You drive with confidence knowing that, not only are you following the law, as set forth for drivers in Maine, but you are also fully insured should your automobile suffer any damage as the result of an automobile accident, or weather related occurrence, or many of the other threats which can plague an automobile owner on a daily basis.

If you're not quite sure about your Portland automobile insurance coverage, this might be the ideal time to take a look at the coverage you carry. What does your policy provide? Do you have Maine full vehicle coverage in terms of collision and comprehensive insurance? If you have a relatively new automobile for which you're making payments for a loan or lease, do you carry your own gap coverage? Find out just how much protection you have when you look over your current Portland coverage.

Taking the opportunity to review your Portland auto insurance policy is a great way to find out if the rates you're paying are competitive with the other top Portland insurers. Request quotes from other Portland vehicle insurance companies and compare those quotes with what you're paying for your current coverage. You might find you're able to expand your coverage for more protection and keep your premium payments affordable. Check with your ME insurer today before you find out too late that you aren't fully protected.

Accidents Happen

No one can predict what awaits them around the corner and everyday, along the roads in Portland, ME and all over the state, drivers encounter threats in the form of collision. The damage can be fairly minimal, perhaps qualifying the collision as more of a fender bender, or the damage can be devastating, leaving the drivers involved with damage to their vehicle and possibly injuries to themselves, or worse. Repairs to your car can be quite costly, and if the accident is determined to be your fault, claims against your Portland auto insurance provider can grow quite rapidly.

In this incident you would certainly need to have much more than basic liability. This is the reason you want to expand your Portland car insurance policy to include collision, and probably comprehensive. By obtaining collision insurance, your car is guaranteed to be repaired or replaced if you are in an accident. If the accident is deemed your fault, your Maine liability coverage will only provide for the damages and injuries to the other driver.

If you are dependent on your car and you've made a fair investment in your vehicle, you'll want to consider expanding your coverage to include uninsured motorist protection and more. Collision and comprehensive coverage are very affordable, as you'll find out when you compare quotes for Portland insurance. Your vehicle will be repaired or, if the damage is significant and the repairs exceed the value of your car, you will receive compensation for your automobile. Not only is full Portland, ME coverage a worthwhile investment, it's essential should you be involved in an accident that leaves your car damaged.

Filing a Claim

Filing a claim shouldn't add stress to an already stressful situation. When you file a claim for damage you've sustained to your automobile, your Portland auto insurance provider should do all that's possible to accommodate you in your time of need. Rapid response to your initial claim should be the norm, and having an adjuster meet with you at your convenience is especially important.

As soon as possible, following the accident, contact your Portland insurance claims department. Your insurer will set up a time for the adjuster to come out and assess the damage to your automobile. Once the assessment is made, your claims department will contact you and advise you as to how they plan to proceed. You can then take your automobile for repairs, or, if it is beyond repair, settle on the compensation amount. You will be compensated the market value for your automobile, that is, the amount it is worth today and not what you paid for it. If you still owe a financial institution for your automobile, this is where your gap insurance comes in to fill in the gaps between what your settlement amount is and the amount you still owe, in most cases including your deductible. If you have rental car coverage on your Portland automobile insurance policy, then you'll be provided with a rental car while your claim is being settled.

By making sure you have full coverage you can alleviate many potential problems which can occur when you simply maintain the basic liability insurance required in Maine. Compare quotes from your Portland automobile insurance providers today and find affordable full coverage opportunities. Full protection today means less worry tomorrow.

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