Pontiac Automobile Insurance

Your Pontiac automobile insurance provider can tell you that, not just in Michigan, but all across the country, vehicles are stolen at an alarming rate. Hundreds of cars per hour are boosted for joy rides, get away cars, resale value and even for their parts. The rate of automobile theft serves as a reason for higher Pontiac vehicle insurance premiums and is the reason Michigan vehicle insurers collect the data that helps them keep track of the most frequently stolen vehicles in and around Pontiac, MI and the entire state.

When you seek Pontiac car insurance you'll be assigned a risk value determined, in part, by the model car you drive and that car's position on the frequently stolen vehicles list. If you're considering purchasing or leasing a new automobile, check with your Pontiac auto insurance provider to find out the risk that automobile poses to insure. If you already own a vehicle that's high up on the list, take measures to ensure the safety of that automobile by equipping it with a security device. The Pontiac, MI insurance discount you may receive will offset the increase in your insurance premiums due to your risk factor.

Security Options for Your Vehicle

While your Pontiac automobile insurance protects your financial investment , you can secure and protect the actual car itself by equipping your vehicle with a security system or device, and this may lower your domestic partner auto coverage rates. These reliable instruments work to safeguard your car from thieves and destructive vandals in many different ways. Depending on the posed Pontiac threat, you can equip your Michigan vehicle with any number of devices. You can choose from reasonably inexpensive to high-end technology, offering the insurance that your Pontiac vehicle will be safe and secure from theft no matter where you park it.

Your security device is only as effective as you choose for it to be. It would be wise to discuss the threats to your vehicle with your Pontiac automobile insurance provider. Your representative will have access to the Pontiac insurance industry's statistical data you need to assess your risk of theft or vandalism. You can find out where your car falls on the Pontiac, MI most stolen vehicle list and compare that to your need for insurance coverage and extra security measures.

If you're merely looking to scare off auto thieves and mischievous hoodlums, consider an audible alarm system. A loud, ear piercing alarm will go off and alert everyone within a 2 block radius that someone is attempting to gain unauthorized access to your car. Or, should you accidentally set off your alarm, especially at two a.m., you'll anger everyone within a two block radius of your home. Either way, the audible alarm will get attention and the thief will go scurrying off into the night.

Of course, if you live in an urban area where alarms tend to go off frequently, your thief may be undeterred. Many professional auto thieves are equipped to disable an audible alarm in a matter of seconds and you could find this type of security device is of no use when it comes to professional criminals. It's then you must concern yourself with alternative measures that will work to cause the potential criminal to think twice.

By arming your automobile with affordable devices such as a kill switch, hood lock, gear shift lock, or steering wheel lock, so-called crook locks, you'll make gaining access to your automobile extremely difficult and time consuming. For very little money, you can secure your automobile and prevent access to it. Discuss the discount opportunities for such devices with your Pontiac auto insurance representative.

Intelligent Alarms

Much like home alarms, the more intelligent your alarm, the less risk you run of alerting the criminal as to how to disable it. However, as a deterring factor, you'll want to let the thief know that he or she will be tracked and found. If you choose to install a monitored tracking device in your automobile, make sure to position decals declaring the fact on your automobile windows.

Some of the GPS tracking systems that come standard on many new cars can be equipped, for an additional fee, to track you automobile in the event it's stolen. You will receive a Pontiac auto insurance discount for this type of security and the fee the monitoring company charges will be offset by your discount. When you consider monitored tracking security systems boast up to a 90% recovery rate, it seems well worth the investment.

Protecting Your Car Beyond Theft

You can protect your car,and your investment in your car, beyond theft by obtaining a full coverage Pontiac automobile insurance policy. Maintaining comprehensive insurance coverage ensures you will be compensated for loss of your automobile should your car be stolen. Full coverage and full security not only offers you protection, but peace of mind.


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