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Your Palm Bay automobile insurance policy will compensate you if your car is stolen or vandalized, but only if you have comprehensive insurance. If your automobile is lost due to theft, or serious damage due to vandals, you will be compensated for the current market price. If your automobile is repairable, then it will be repaired under the requirements of your comprehensive policy.

When you experience a theft or severe damage to your automobile, you'll need to alert your Palm Bay automobile insurance company and immediately. You'll make a police report and begin the claims process. Your Palm Bay vehicle insurance claims department will walk you through filing the claim, you'll meet with the adjuster, await his declaration and the decision of your Palm Bay auto insurance company, and then decide if the amount of the settlement is agreeable to you. Whew! At some point you will most certainly wish you could've done something to prevent what happened. Though you can't blame yourself, you can take precautions to try and prevent someone from stealing or damaging your automobile.

Preventing Theft or Vandalism of Your Auto

Of course, the best way to prevent theft or vandalism of your vehicle is to be aware of your surroundings. Knowing your neighbors and understanding crime rates in your area will help you take measures to prevent someone from tampering with your automobile. Your Palm Bay, Florida auto insurance company has access to statistics and, in fact, bases your policy rates on these statistics and others. Your Palm Bay automobile insurance company can give you some facts regarding your area and the risk of theft or vandalism.

Another way to prevent theft of your automobile or it's parts should take place before you purchase your automobile. Prior to signing your lease or loan agreement, make a call to your Palm Bay insurance agent to obtain a list of the most popular cars for thieves in your Palm Bay, FL area. The Florida Insurance Commissioner keeps track of these facts.

Once you have an idea of what your risks are, you can begin taking measures to protect your Palm Bay, FL vehicle. You might want to consider an anti-theft device. There are four basic types of anti-theft protection available. One of the more popular deterrents is an immobilizing device that locks the steering wheel or gear shift. These are highly effective as they are in plain view. One look at the trouble it would take to abscond with your Palm Bay automobile and the would-be thief will take off.

Another popular device is the electronic "kill switch". This is a remote electronic immobilizer which fits into the engine and locks it. You keep the remote activator on your key chain and click it to unlock your engine. If the thief doesn't have your keys, he or she won't be able to activate the engine. You will need to have a Palm Bay mechanic install this device.

Alarms are always a good option. They are relatively easy to install yourself and will provide enough noise to draw attention to the act in progress. However, if you live in a high crime area and your neighbors frequently turn a blind eye to such events, you'll be giving yourself a false sense of security. After all, an alarm doesn't prevent your car from being driven away. You'll want a high quality device so your alarm will work when it should and not go off at inopportune times. Your Palm Bay, FL automobile insurance company will have some recommendations for decent insurance premium lowering alarm systems for you.

Tracking devices are GPS transmitters and are not necessarily deterrents unless you advertise the fact that you have one by affixing decals to your window. If the thief is still brazen enough to take your vehicle at that point, you'll be able to track him-and your car with one simple phone call to the tracking agency. Again, check with your Palm Bay car insurance expert or agent for reputable Florida dealers and installers.

One low cost Florida theft deterrent is to have your vehicle identification number, or VIN, etched on all the major parts of your automobile. A significant reason for stealing your car is so that they can take it to a "chop shop" and sell your automobile for parts. Seeing your VIN number etched on your windows and doors will alert a savvy thief to what's been done. Your insurance agent can advise you further.

Lowering your Premiums

Check with your Palm Bay auto insurance company to see what kind of discounts are available for these and other theft deterrents. Obtain quotes from a few Palm Bay automobile insurance companies so that you can compare and perhaps find an even bigger rate-lowering discount. Protecting your investment and saving money is a good thing.

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