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Ogden automobile insurance rates will continue to climb as long as drivers continue to behave in a negligent manner. All the care and attention you may pay to adhering to the law will reflect on your ability to obtain low automobile insurance quotes and maintain lower Utah auto insurance rates for your personal automobile insurance policy, however, the insurance industry has had to increase the amount they charge for coverage across the board because of the general public's negligent behavior overall. Your Ogden automobile insurance premiums will continue to climb until Utah residents, and residents of the United States, practice safer driving.

The term negligent driving can be used to describe any type of driving practices which exhibit's a reckless disregard for the safety of others around you and their property. This broad definition can take on many forms and depending on the circumstances, negligent driving may be an umbrella over violations such as DUI/DWI, distracted driving, or many other acts of careless driving which could result in an accident. For more on just what is considered distracted driving, contact your Ogden auto insurance agent.

Driving while distracted in Ogden is a good example of negligent driving. This type of driving, in it's many forms, shows quite clearly how a person could, with no regard for his or her fellow travelers, endanger those around him or her by simply tending to his or her own personal needs. Distracted driving is accountable for many automobile accidents on the roads around Ogden, some of which ended in fatalities. Check with your Ogden insurance provider to compare insurance industry codes and statistics for distracted driving incidents.

Types of Distracted Driving

While the majority of drivers on Utah roads would never think of operating an automobile under the influence of drugs or alcohol, most don't give a passing thought to operating an automobile while talking on a cell phone. Slightly fewer of these drivers will text while driving an automobile. These are the two most common reasons for distracted driving accidents in Ogden, UT.

Distracted driving is the number one cause of automobile accidents for Utah teenagers. More laws are in place than ever to prevent distracted driving among teens, however, statistics climb higher every day supporting the fact that these laws simply aren't working. Perhaps more rules need to be enforced in the home or more adults need to lead by example. If you find yourself violating the distracted driving laws, or not setting a good example, speak with your Ogden auto insurance agent about attending a refresher course in safe driving. This will help you "bone up" on driving laws in Ogden, UT.

There are several other examples of distracted driving which don't involve handheld communication devices. Look around you everyday as you sit in your automobile waiting for the light to change. You'll see people doing all sorts of things which would be much safer performed away from the driver's seat. Things like putting on makeup, reading the paper, eating messy food, or tending children, all while endangering the lives of themselves and everyone around them. Showing a negligent attitude while operating a heavy vehicle at, often, high rates of speed.

Why Distracted Driving is Dangerous

Operating an Ogden, UT automobile while distracted can be compared to playing with a loaded weapon. It's very dangerous and the outcome could be devastating. But why is that so? What is it about looking at a map or disciplining children while driving an automobile that causes so much concern? Why does it drive up everyone's Ogden auto insurance rates?

Brain power used when driving decreases significantly when attempting to listen to music or conversation. Just think how changing clothes or trying to eat a taco could affect your ability to drive an automobile. We all know it's wrong but most of us continue to do it.

Your Ogden vehicle insurance company can refer you to state authorized driving safety courses. Perhaps once the statistics are explained to you, caution will be your main concern. As an added benefit, in many cases your Ogden car insurance will be discounted just for taking the course. That is, as long as your Ogden automobile insurance driving record is clean.

It's easy to get caught up in what you're doing and it's much more time efficient to believe you can perform simple tasks while staying on schedule. Don't make the mistake of assuming you have it under control. The slightest distraction can cause you to lose that control and become a statistic. If you must comfort a child, make a phone call, look at a map, pull off the road and out of traffic before doing so. It's for your own safety and the safety of those around you. Contact Ogden automobile insurance commission for more information on distracted driving and negligent driving.


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