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Your Norwalk automobile insurance rates are influenced by many factors. Chief among them, of course, is your driving record. If you've racked up moving violations, or if you've been involved in any accidents, that will be reflected in your driving record. Depending on the number of infractions, you could earn the distinction of "high risk" driver.

People generally think of a high risk driver as someone who engages in reckless and careless driving behavior, such as DUI or DWI. Though these are risky behaviors, there are plenty of reasons your Norwalk, CT insurance provider could classify you as high risk. Often times it's not even the driver, but the type of automobile you choose that puts you in that dubious category.

Risk Factors

If you've ever driven illegally, that is uninsured, and been ticketed for it, you will automatically be put in the category of high risk status. Even if you have had insurance, but let it lapse, or have been cancelled for non-payment, it will still show as a lapse in your Connecticut car insurance policy, therefore uninsured. You may also be considered a bigger risk if you don't provide enough Norwalk insurance according to the law.

Your age can play a big role in your risk factor. If you're 65 or older you are considered higher risk. Studies show our reaction time diminishes as we age and that's a point your Norwalk insurance company takes into consideration. Likewise if you are under 25. You can be easily distracted and may not have had enough experience on the road yet.

By far, the biggest risk to Norwalk auto insurance brokers and companies are teenage drivers. Most parents will have to agree that teen drivers don't yet have the hours on the road driving in different situations. They are inexperienced and react differently than someone who's been driving awhile. For that reason they pose a risk. Add to that a teen with a modified vehicle, or a "muscle car" and you have one of the single riskiest situation for Norwalk insurance companies.

Another reason for the distinction of high risk could well be the automobile you choose. If you are shopping for a new automobile, you would be wise to investigate Norwalk vehicle insurance rates for that automobile. You will find your insurance premiums correspond with the likelihood of your car being stolen. If you are looking at one of the most frequently stolen CT vehicles, your Norwalk car insurance will be quite a bit more expensive.

Luxury automobiles and Norwalk automobiles with many luxury amenities are also harder to insure. Your personal driving record may have no bearing whatsoever on the amount of Norwalk automobile insurance you'll pay. High-en sports cars, expensive SUV's, or even a luxury sedan can all pose a risk to the Norwalk auto insurance provider. Some automobiles are coveted for their parts, and some are desired just because they are a popular model and easy for thieves to unload on an unsuspecting buyer. Do a little homework before you set up that deal to purchase your new automobile.

Where you live can play a big role in how much of a risk you pose. You can probably gather that urban areas with a lot of crime, particularly vandalism and automobile theft, pose a bigger threat to your automobile. Norwalk, CT. is statistically lower in those crimes, but not as low as say, a rural Connecticut town. You can't always choose where you want to live, but at least you'll have an idea of how your Connecticut town affects your Norwalk auto insurance.

Changing Your High Risk Status

Now that you know what causes you to be considered high risk by Norwalk automobile insurance companies, you can take steps to alter your behavior. If you find you've been in a lot of accidents or seem to have quite a few tickets, find out about some safe driving refresher courses in your area. You can't do anything about your age, but if you're over 65, take a senior driving course. A teen driver will benefit from Connecticut drivers education.

If it's the type of vehicle you drive, consider changing your automobile to a less desirable one. If you haven't purchased your new automobile yet, you might have to reconsider. Find an automobile that fits into a safe category.

By far, the best way to alter your high risk status, or at least work to bring your Norwalk automobile insurance rates down to something more manageable, is to shop around. Use our free service to gather quotes so you can compare coverage for your automobile. Balance your higher risk rates by saving money and utilizing whatever discounts you can find that apply to your lifestyle. It might take awhile to bring down your status, but with some time and effort you can realize safe driver rates in the future.


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