Non Standard Automobile Insurance

Non standard automobile insurance is something that is not much fun for anyone. Non Standard insurance for your automobile, because it is much more expensive than standard, is also someone you may want to change. However, in order to get non standard insurance converted into something a little more regular and affordable, you have to start by understanding the overall way that automobile insurance works in terms of cost. Knowing how you get categorized as someone who needs a non regular, high risk policy for your automobile and then learning how you can get those rates to start to change is a great way to save yourself some money.

Understanding What Non Standard Vehicle Insurance Is

Non standard auto insurance is not a familiar phrase to many customers out there. In many cases, you may have heard it referred to as high risk automobile insurance. If you are classified by the insurance company as someone who requires a non standard package, they believe you are high risk. In other words, statistically they believe that you are more likely to cost them money down the road than some other drivers who have been classified as standard automobile insurance customers.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to your being classified as a non standard auto insurance policy customer. For example, having multiple speeding tickets in a three or four year span can do the trick. Additionally, having poor credit, being convicted of a DUI charge, causing multiple accidents, non owner auto insurance coverage needs and requirements, or even just being a male under the age of 25 can be enough of a red flag to get your classified as someone who requires non standard automobile insurance from the company.

What it Means for You

So if you require a high risk automobile package, what does that actually mean. Rather than meaning that you will not be able to get a plan for your automobile, it means that the quotes you collect from companies will likely be significantly higher than if you were not a high risk customer for them. Likely you do not want to have to spend a ton to insure your automobile, so the next step is to figure out how to save some of the money and move yourself away from that high risk automobile driver category.

Saving the Money

Luckily for you, there are a number of ways you can chip away at your classification and save yourself a few dollars at a time on your automobile protection, even if it is not traditional or high risk. Take a look at the risk factors that put you in the situation in the first place and start to work. Eliminating or changing them can be the key to slowly but surely fixing your situation.

Simple as it may seem, staying away from speeding or traffic violation tickets for several years will make difference. Many companies only look back three years, so if you can stay clean for that long, you will likely see a drop in your rate for automobile protection. The same goes for causing accidents as well as more severe driving related crimes like Driving Under the Influence of alcohol or drugs.

If you have gotten in said situation with violations, some states allow you to take driving classes to decrease the marks against your license. Taking the classes and getting the status of your license changed can help you move closer to getting out of the category of non standard automobile insurance.

Another way you can save money, even if you are stuck with non standard car insurance is by being a savvy consumer. For one, you can look for companies that specialize in high risk or non traditional policies. Because it is their specialty, such companies may be able to structure a non standard plan that will work well for you and your budget. They may even do something as simple as offer you a higher deductible in exchange for a more affordable monthly payment for your coverage. It is, though, definitely something worth looking into.

Non standard automobile insurance is something that can definitely cost you a bundle over the life of your car. However, by understanding a little more about what can cause you to have to buy non standard auto insurance, you likely can start to piece together a plan to help yourself save a few dollars and still get the coverage you need for your car. Whether it is because of a conviction for DUI, speeding, or causing accidents, you actually can still get an affordable rate if you just now how to lower your cost or shop for a new plan. Either way, make sure you compare companies and policies with one another so that you are able to get the best possible cost to you.


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