Non Owned Automobile Insurance

Non owned automobile insurance is increasingly necessary because of the way the automobile is being used by people privately and as members of companies today. However, the general public does not always know or understand what non ownership insurance policies for an automobile are or who needs them. By gaining a fuller understanding of what these non owned auto insurance coverages are and who needs them, you will have the ability to make an educated decision about whether or not you need to consider this type of automobile insurance for yourself.

What it Actually Is

When most people hear about non owned automobile insurance policies, they are not even sure what it is or what it does. Auto insurance rate boards may help you to further your understanding on this type of insurance coverage. That is because most people do not think about whether or not they are covered in the event that they borrow, rent or use a car that is not actually owned by them. For many people, these situations are actually quite common and thus require some reflection about whether or not they may need to be covered by this very specific type of insurance policy.

Non owned insurance for an automobile is a protection plan that covers you in the event that something happens when you are driving a car that you do not own. For example, if you are renting a car, driving a company vehicle or even simply borrowing a car for someone, you may find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having caused an accident. In that case, your non owned car insurance would cover liabilities such as injuries to others or damage to their vehicles. This type of coverage could be a real life saver, or at least a money saver if the unfortunate or unthinkable should happen when you are behind the wheel of an automobile you do not own.

Who Needs Non Owned coverage

There are a surprising number of people out there who actually may need to think about non owned insurance for their automobile. Considering who these people are and what their situation is should help you realize whether or not it is something you should consider for yourself or even for your company.

One situation that comes up more often in terms of non owned vehicle insurance is renting a car. Many times the car rental company will offer you policies for their cars. In many cases these are collision coverages that may or may not cover liabilities like damage to the other person's car or injury to yourself and or others that are involved in the accident. In these situations, you need to know what you are covered for. Before you buy, you may want to ask the car rental company whether or not these things are covered. If they are not, you may be smart to go ahead and look for affordable non owned insurance for an automobile you choose to rent.

Another situation that comes up is cars that are borrowed. This can mean a number of different things: it can be an automobile you borrowed from a friend, on your are using from one of the many new automobile sharing clubs in certain cities, or a company vehicle from your work place. In each situation, you should consider whether or not you are already covered. You may come to find out that you actually are not and that taking a few minutes to check rates and compare quotes on non owned auto insurance is worth it to keep yourself out of trouble.

Finding It

Finding non owned auto insurance coverage is not as difficult as you may think. Most companies offer it at costs that are not that different from those for owned automobile policies. Getting information about what is out there and what it costs is simply not that difficult. Then, you simply have to weigh costs between non ownership policies to see what is going to be best for you and for whatever situation you find yourself in that requires such coverage for you.

As you can see, even though you may not have heard of non owned automobile insurance at first, it is something you may very well need. There are plenty of situations out there where you may be driving a car that is not yours. It may be that you are renting an automobile, that you are borrowing one from a friend, you are working out of a company vehicle, or that you are a member of a borrowing club. No matter what the reason, you are behind the wheel of a car that is not yours and that may leave you vulnerable if you end up in a liability situation. Non owned automobile insurance can help you should such a situation occur, and give you peace of mind when it doesn't.


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