No Fault Automobile Insurance

No fault automobile insurance is a type of coverage that people will have to purchase if they live in a state that has no fault laws. When you take your automobile out on the road, you need to realize that there is always a risk of accidents. Even the most unassuming drives can lead to accidents that can cost many thousands of dollars in medical and property expenses. Avoiding accidents is not always easy, and it is important that you have the right type of automobile insurance. Without the proper vehicle protection, you may have to pay for high costs out of pocket and you may run into legal problems as well.

Each state in the country has set laws that govern the amount of coverage that each driver must have. These laws are put in place for an important reason and need to be obeyed. While every state has minimum amounts of automobile coverage that must be purchased by their drivers, they also have specific laws that help to determine which provider will be responsible for the damages. There are two broad classes of states: Tort states and no fault states.

The Two Systems

Tort states are those that have laws that clearly define one of the drivers as being responsible for the accident. In these areas, you can press charges against the responsible party and their vehicle coverage provider will have to pay the medical costs and property damages. Most states in the country operate under a tort system.

With no fault laws, each driver is going to be responsible to submit claims to their respective insurers, regardless of who may have caused the accident. Under these laws, all drivers are responsible to buy no fault vehicle insurance. While no fault systems may seem as though they are a bit unfair, there are several advantages and disadvantages to these types of laws.

Benefits and Disadvantages

No fault car insurance leads to a lot less litigation in court, compared to full coverage automobile insurance. When blame has to be put on one driver, you often have to go to court in order to settle the claims. This kind of process can lead to high court fees and a lot of time lost. Also, many courts are flooded with these types of cases and it may take months for you to get the automobile insurance pay-offs from the provider of the other driver. With no fault auto insurance, your provider will not have to establish who was to blame for the accident and they can quickly issue you a payout. No fault auto insurance leads to much less time lost in court.

One of the main disadvantages of no fault auto insurance is the fact that it may reward dangerous drivers. Because no one is held responsible for the damages in a no fault state, poor drivers often do not have to pay the high costs that they would in other states. Also, the automobile drivers that have managed to avoid accidents may not be able to get the low car insurance rates that they would get in a tort state.

With most states that have a no fault automobile insurance system, the driver who feels as though they were the victim may still have the ability to press charges if they were severely injured or their car was destroyed. Also, your provider may be able to try and collect from the automobile insurer of the other driver should they feel as though they were responsible. These kinds of processes help to decrease the problems that are often associated with no fault systems.

If you live in a state that has a no fault automobile insurance system, it is important that you find a policy that provides you with the right amount of coverage. While you will have to comply with the legal minimums, you will still have a lot of flexibility when it comes to finding a policy. There are dozens of automobile insurance companies located around the country, and you can save a lot of money by comparing auto insurance quotes. By picking the best insurers, you will be able to get the greatest service and will be offered the lowest possible automobile insurance quotes. The time is now to compare your options and find a great automobile protection provider.

For some, the process of finding great no fault automobile insurance is a bit difficult. With all of the available options online, it can be hard to know if you are actually getting the lowest possible rate for your automobile. Take the time to compare all of the potential choices and you will find that it can be easier than you think to locate the lowest prices and the most dependable automobile insurers.


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