No Automobile Insurance

Having no automobile insurance can carry any number of risks with it. While some are more obvious than others, the fact is that those risks are there. To many, it is clear that driving with no auto insurance is risky, but for those who think that they are saving them selves money by avoiding automobile insurance, it is worth it to take a closer look at what can happen. Sure, there are legal ramifications, but there are also some practical reasons to make sure your have coverage for your car should you find yourself in an accident where you or someone else is at fault for what happened.

By understanding the legal implication of having no insurance for your automobile it is clear that it is worth getting. By also getting a better understanding of auto insurance symbols and the practical problems of carrying no insurance on your car, you will have a clearer idea of why you should take the time to get the quotes, compare rates, and find a policy to cover your automobile. It may be a cost you don't like, but it is better than the costs you could incur by not having it.

Reason One: Legal Issues

At the top of any list of reasons you should not drive with no car insurance is that in most states it is illegal. If you are pulled over for a traffic violation and asked to provide proof of insurance on your car and cannot do so, there are a number of penalties that you can accrue. You will most definitely be ticketed with a hefty fine, can have your license taken away, and may even lose possession of your car. Often it will be towed at your expense. So besides having the fine and having to find a new insurance plan, you would also be responsible for towing costs and then getting your vehicle out of the impound lot.

Believe it or not, the scenario of fine, tow, and impound is not the only legal reason to make sure you do not go with no coverage on your car. If you can show no proof of coverage on your car, many states will not allow you to get tags for your plates. No legal tag means, again, no driving because your car is not legal in two ways: no insurance and no tags. The legal consequences of no coverage on your automobile continually compound, so it is better just to get what you need.

Legally, the amount of coverage you have to have on your car varies some from state to state. So, before you go to purchase a plan for your vehicle, consult a provider who can make sure your coverage is legal. Though not quite as bad, having too little coverage for your car is almost as bad as having no automobile insurance at all.

Reason Two: Practicality

Yes, it is illegal to drive with no auto insurance for your vehicle. However, there is also a practical issue at hand: driving with no proper coverage is a high risk proposition. You may be a good driver, but not everyone is and accidents do happen. If you have no way of protecting yourself, you are asking for trouble if something were to happen while you were out driving.

If you would happen to be in an accident without proper financial protection, you open yourself up for serious issues. For one, damage to your car and any other party involved in the accident may become your responsibility. Even a small repair can be costly. However, that is not even the real financial danger.

Driving with no vehicle insurance leaves you open to responsibility for personal injury. Injuries other parties may sustain in the accident would become your responsibility. Additionally, you could end up paying for medical issues down the road that are related to the initial automobile accident. Beyond the legal ramifications, this type of scenario could cripple even very successful people for a long time if not for life. Having the right coverage for your car can protect you from such liabilities.

As you can see, driving with no automobile insurance is a risky and dangerous proposition because there are so many consequences. By having no auto insurance, you open yourself up to legal action and high fines. Additionally, having no automobile insurance is just not practical because of the risk of being in an accident that can end up putting you in a legal bind of a whole other sort. Finally, just consider the fines, settlement costs, medical bills and other costs that come along with having your automobile improperly covered. In the end, it is just better for you both practically and legally to make sure you have your car covered.


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