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Mountain View automobile insurance professionals can help you find affordable insurance for your used vehicle. As an owner of an older automobile, it is important for you to have an agent that understands the amount of coverage necessary to protect you and your used automobile. However, because an older model has less value than a newer model, a Mountain View auto insurance agent will help you find a policy that does not include California auto coverage that you do not need. With the free service offered by this website, you can get online quotes in minutes from reputable insurance companies in Mountain View, California who know how to find low-cost coverage for your used car.

Used Automobile Value

You do not want to pay more for your Mountain View automobile insurance policy than is necessary to protect your used car. That is why it is important that you know the value of your automobile. The market value of your used vehicle is the price that you might expect to get for it if you were to sell it. Knowing its value will help you provide informed details when seeking online quotes for Mountain View automobile insurance. Agents will then be able to guide you in determining what levels of coverage you will need on your policy, especially if you need teen automobile coverage. This is very important when it comes to selecting comprehensive and collision coverage.

Comprehensive is a type of coverage that will pay for damages caused by theft, vandalism or incidents that are considered to be natural disasters. Examples of this would be a hail storm that causes dents in on your vehicle, or a wind storm in Mountain View that blows a tree limb onto it resulting in a damage claim. Collision coverage is insurance that will pay for damages to your used auto in the event of accident that is your fault. Though both of these types of insurance are optional, it is important to protect your investment and finances in the event of a comprehensive loss or an at-fault accident. Your Mountain View, CA insurance specialist will provide free online quotes for affordable comprehensive and collision coverage by helping you select a policy with deductibles that will lower the amount you pay for your premiums.

Determining Used Automobile Deductibles

A benefit of owning a used automobile is that it is typically less expensive to insure than a newer vehicle. Because its value is less than that of newer models, you have more options for lowering deductibles on comprehensive and collision coverage which in turn will lower your premium payments. Mountain View auto insurance professionals are available to help you understand the deductible amounts that are best for you and your used automobile.

A good rule of thumb when selecting a deductible on coverage in Mountain View is that it is best to keep deductibles higher on vehicles with lower values. For example, if your know the value of your used automobile is around $4,000, your Mountain View car insurance agent might suggest a policy with a $500 deductible on comprehensive coverage and a $1,000 deductible on collision coverage. Though you would be responsible for those amounts before your policy pays for a claim, the savings can be significant.

If you have a used car that has retained a higher value, however, you should ask your Mountain View, CA agent if lower deductibles are right for you. Some used automobiles are worth more than others, especially if they have low miles or are only several years old. Because your vehicle is not new, you will still save on your Mountain View, CA policy while protecting your investment.

Used Automobile Liability Coverage

Guidelines for selecting liability coverage on your used automobile is similar to a policy for a newer model. The reason for this is because liability coverage pays for damage caused by your car to other people and property. In the state of California, minimum requirements for this coverage consists of $15,000 for one person who is injured or killed in an accident, $30,000 for more than one person, and $5,000 for property damage. [1] However, because these amounts can quickly be exceeded in the event of a major accident, your Mountain View auto insurance professional might recommend higher coverages amounts for your protection.

In addition, do not forget to ask about uninsured motorist coverage in California. This will protect you in the event of an accident with a driver who has no coverage. Requesting higher amounts of this type of liability coverage from your Mountain View vehicle insurance agent will protect you from financial devastation should such an accident occur.

Owning a used automobile is a smart way to save money. Finding affordable insurance will also help you stay within your budget. Getting free online quotes for Mountain View Automobile insurance is another easy way to save.


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