Military Automobile Insurance

Military automobile insurance protects active duty, retired and former military personnel, from severe financial misfortune if they are ever involved in an accident involving motor vehicles. Many insurance carriers offer discounted premiums specifically for persons who have served in any branch of the United States military, in the National Guard or Reserves, and in some cases, to members of professional military associations and organizations - this may also apply to military married couples' insurance. The extent of that reduction will depend on the particular company. Moreover, there are several agencies and companies which specialize in insurance policies for military personnel and their families. It is likely that, in some cases, they will be able to offer the most attractive deductions.

The bottom line car insurance requirements are the very same for all motorists. The departments of transportation and of motor vehicles everywhere require that operators of motor vehicles make certain that their vehicles are insured against the eventuality of accident that causes bodily injury whether or not they insure against property damage. The bodily injury clause is a non-negotiable requirement, and some states mandate minimum liability amounts, i.e. they have established, by law, an amount of liability coverage that they believe is the least allowable financial compensation that could be offered if a person is injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident.

When an insurance carrier offers special discounts and deductions, it may make any accommodations it pleases on the premium it charges, but not on the coverage offered. For example, an insurance company could offer bodily injury liability insurance to a specific group at a price lower than they normally do to others, but it may not offer a figure lower than the state mandated limits in order to offset this reduced price. If the state requirements say that the figure must be at least $250,000, for example, the insurance company has to cover the motorist for at least that much, no matter how low the premium that it charges.

Kinds of Coverage

Bodily injury liability coverage is required everywhere. Motorists can choose not to insure their vehicles against collision or other damage, and may select only third party insurance coverage. Third party insurance is the least expensive level of insurance available, and is often chosen by motorists with older model vehicles, or who do not carry a loan on the vehicle. In this instance, if the policyholder causes an accident, damages to the other person's vehicle, the third party's vehicle, will be paid for, but the policyholder will have to repair or replace his or her own vehicle with money from personal sources.

Motor vehicle financing companies will require the maintenance of comprehensive and collision coverage for the life of the loan, to ensure the fulfilment of the terms of their loan, even if the vehicle is damaged or written-off. A comprehensive insurance coverage policy combined with a collision clause will provide for the repair or replacement of the vehicle of the policyholder even if the policyholder is at fault. It will also provide financial coverage to the other parties involved in the accident.

Bodily injury liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage are the three most common types of coverage available and used by motorists. Among them, they cover just about every one of the potentially most serious insurance matters for motorists, including military personnel and their families. Military automobile insurance can be purchased for other situations, however. Among them is the uninsured and under-insured motorist coverage which covers the policyholder and any person authorized to drive the insured automobile if they are hit by a person with inadequate or no vehicle insurance, or by a hit and run driver.


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