Mexican Automobile Insurance

Mexican automobile insurance is not sufficient for people traveling from Mexico into the United States, but people that run into this problem may have more options than they are aware of. The US is a place where many people locate a large amount of opportunity. For this reason, many residents of Mexico are spending increasing amounts of time in the states. Some of these individuals drive their cars into the country and are looking for affordable policies that will offer coverage for foreigners, such as Canadian automobile insurance, while they are spending time in America. Normal Mexican auto insurance is not going to pay for accidents and problems that occur while the automobile is in the US. Finding a temporary or permanent American policy is the best option.

The main thing that will determine the type of policy that should be purchased is the amount of time that the person will be spending in the United States. A quick visit will require a much different policy than someone who has Mexican vehicle insurance and is looking to move to the states. The following are some of the differences that need to be explained.

Quick Visits

If a Mexican resident is planning a tourist or quick trip to the United States, they are going to want to buy a temporary Mexican car insurance plan that is also good for the states. While it is very easy for Americans traveling into Mexico to locate these types of plans, there are not quite as many options for travelers looking to buy "northbound" automobile insurance. Finding automobile insurance quotes can be a bit more difficult in these situations.

Temporary Mexican automobile policies that only last for a very short amount of time are often sold at border crossings. These policies are generally relatively affordable and provide a modest level of automobile insurance coverage. They usually come with several different options. A temporary liability automobile plan will only cover the damages that happen to other vehicles should you find yourself causing an accident while in the US. These Mexican automobile insurance policies generally contain a certain amount of medical protection as well. Having coverage for medical payments is essential as this often ends up being the most expensive part of an accident. For Mexican citizens looking to get a larger amount of coverage, they may want to consider a collision or comprehensive automobile policy.

These types of policies that are offered for quick visits will generally only cover your automobile for a certain number of days. Make sure to ask the provider at the border about the process for submitting a claim and the actual benefits of the policy. Read the small print and know what type of Mexican auto insurance you are buying!

Extended Stays

Mexican residents that are looking for automobile insurance that covers their stay in the US for a longer time should consider Mexican auto insurance that extends coverage into the US, or applying for an American policy. Certain companies are willing to offer coverage for Mexican drivers in the US for much longer periods of time (generally 6 months or longer.) However, these policies tend to have high car insurance rates, and may not accurately represent the needs of the individual buying the policy. For these Mexican motorists, there may be a better option.

If a citizen of Mexico is planning on spending a long amount of time in the US working, they may be able to apply for a work visa and a driver's license in the state they are working in. These people will then be able to get an American automobile insurance policy as well. The insurer may take the time to check the driving record of the person and may even want to speak with their Mexican automobile insurance provider.

When shopping for a good policy in the United States, a foreigner should remember to do their research and not buy the first policy that comes along. The coverage industry in the US is very different from that of Mexico, and it pays to understand these differences. Speak with an agent and get all of the information that is pertinent to the particular automobile policy you may be considering. Knowledge is power, and it may result in quite a bit of saved money as well.

The internet can be a tremendous resource for anyone searching for an effective Mexican automobile insurance policy that provides coverage in the United States. You have already located this website and we can help you find the providers and options that may be the best fit for you. Do not take unnecessary risks by driving an uninsured vehicle in the US. Look for auto insurance quotes and buy the appropriate coverage today so you can drive with a clear conscience.


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