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Your Lewisville automobile insurance rates reflect your driving record, as you know. By maintaining an excellent record, with no moving violations, you'll enjoy some of the lowest premiums available on your Lewisville auto insurance policy. Of course there's a little more that goes into deciding your rates, such as age, make and model of automobile, and what kind of claims, if any, you've filed in the past. These events and circumstances absolutely play a role in determining the quotes you obtain from Lewisville automobile insurance companies, but having a pristine driving record goes a long way toward ensuring your rates remain manageable.

What happens on the Texas roads has an impact on your Lewisville auto insurance premiums. If you have an automobile accident, and you're the at-fault driver, then you can pretty much assume your Lewisville insurance rates will go up. If your Lewisville automobile insurance company has accident forgiveness built into your automobile insurance policy, then your rates won't change, providing this is your first accident under that Texas automobile insurance policy.

Most times you'll find anytime you've been issued a ticket for a Lewisville moving violation you'll see a rise in your Lewisville auto insurance premiums. You expect this, especially if you accept that the automobile accident was your fault, or that you were deserving of the ticket. It's an expensive lesson, but most people take their lumps and move forward.

But what if you feel the ticket was in error? How do you go to court, or fight the fine and violation, without ending up with an even bigger fine? In other words, if you're sure you are wrongly accused, how do you fight the system?

How To Argue a Traffic Ticket

If you know you were speeding the best way to proceed is to simply pay the fine and move on. Posted speed limits are there for a reason, and, by doing your homework, you'll find that Texas has assumed speed limits in certain areas. Make sure you are aware of the limits as it's easy, if there's no Lewisville, TX traffic to compare speeds, to let your speedometer creep up past the assumed limit. If you know for a fact that your traffic ticket was issued in error, take some steps to fight it. Besides keeping your Lewisville discount car insurance rate from going up, it's your right!

The main point to remember, no matter how unjust it may seem that you've been pulled over, is to keep your cool. Be polite to the TX police officer and courteous as he questions you. Never get out of your automobile and, if you believe you are being wrongly ticketed, don't say anything. Don't admit to any guilt and don't get belligerent. Be polite and cooperative, as anything you admit to or argue now could come back to your detriment at a later court date.

As the Lewisville officer is writing out your ticket, say nothing. By keeping discussion to a minimum, you may lead him or her to believe that you don't intend to contest the ticket in TX court. This will keep him from making notes on the violation, and could work in your favor in the long run. It will also prevent any emotional outbursts if you keep the chit-chat to a minimum.

Once handed the ticket, ask the officer for specifics, such as how speed was detected and what type of measurement device was used to verify your automobile speed. Ask for the serial number of the device and obtain the badge and automobile license plate number of the officer. The officer doesn't have to provide you with any of the information, other than what's required on the ticket and if he doesn't, you can file a request with the Texas police department.

Going to Court

When your court date arrives, make sure you arrive on time. You will have referred to your ticket for instruction on how to proceed if you wish to go to court. You will be given the opportunity to argue on your behalf and the judge will listen to your argument. A decision is made, and your Lewisville driving record is taken into consideration. Having no prior violations is in your favor. You might beat the ticket, or you may be given a fine. Traffic school is usually a requirement, but remember it may allow a discount on your Lewiston automobile insurance. Your Lewisville vehicle insurance rates will probably increase, but it will help to bring your automobile insurance premium down.

Your Lewisville automobile insurance agent can help you be proactive by giving you information on automobile insurance lowering safe driving courses in your Lewisville area. Sometimes, though, you are unjustly accused and going to court is the only option. If you feel justice hasn't been served, then by all means, have your day in court.


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