Lawrence Automobile Insurance

Lawrence automobile insurance can be expensive and finding ways to lower your rates is welcome in an unpredictable economy. People tend to find creative ways to save money on all sorts of things, but getting creative with your Lawrence auto insurance could leave you unprotected and legally in a bind. That's why it's best to make certain the way you structure your policy is above board. Talk to your Lawrence automobile insurance agent to find ways to save money on your policy. They'll help you lower your rates without lowering your protection.

One of the ways families save money on Lawrence car insurance is by purchasing a multiple driver policy. This policy will give the same coverage to each member of the family residing at the same address. If you have a multiple automobile /multiple driver policy, you can choose the coverage you want for each automobile, and each member of the family will have the same Kansas vehicle coverage on that automobile. It's really the most efficient type of policy to have, providing none of the Lawrence automobile drivers are in the high risk automobile insurance category.

Adding Your Teen

All drivers related and living at the same address, are automatically covered on the same policy by most Lawrence, KS automobile insurance companies. If you have a policy, and your teenager passes his or her road test and is awarded the privilege of a drivers license, the state of Kansas will require you to show proof of insurance in order for your teen to get that most-coveted of teenage awards. The Kansas DMV will alert your Lawrence automobile insurer that there is a brand new driver in your household.

This might cause you to worry that your rates will go up, and they will, but they don't necessarily need to skyrocket. If your teen maintains a good academic record, and if he or she has completed a state approved drivers education course, you will qualify for a discount. You'll need to provide your Lawrence, KS automobile insurance provider with proof of a B average or higher academic average, and a certificate of completion from the drivers education course. Once you do, you'll begin saving some money on your premiums. Providing your teen maintains a pristine driving record and continues in academic excellence, you'll continue to receive the discount on your vehicle insurance policy.

Multiple Drivers

As for adults who are insured as multiple drivers on the same policy, an adult child, spouse or parent, for example, as long as the adults all live at the same address and are related, all you need do is name them on the policy. Non-related adults can also, in most cases, be on the same policy as long as they are named in the Lawrence vehicle insurance policy. Multiple driver policies can save money over individual policies, providing everyone is in good standing and no one is high risk.

In some situations, you'll find one of the other drivers might have developed a high risk reputation as far as the Lawrence auto insurance companies are concerned. If that's your situation, you'll need to be advised that the Lawrence, KS automobile insurance companies quote your rate as to the highest risk driver on the policy. In other words, if you have maintained an excellent driving record, your spouse is a safe driver as well, but your adult daughter has had a few accidents and has a reputation for having a lead-foot, prepare to pay a lot more than if it were just you and your spouse on the policy.

In the rare instance that someone in your household has been refused coverage, you can't add them to your policy. In this case you'll need to have a named exclusion. It's similar to naming another adult on your policy-a named inclusion-only you are stating that that person isn't covered under your Lawrence automobile insurance.

If the so-named person goes uninsured, and should have an automobile accident in one of your automobiles, you won't be able to collect on your coverage. The named excluded person is not absolved of their financial responsibility as far as damage to another automobile or physical injury. This will also go against their driving record as another conviction, which doesn't look good if they're trying to get reinstated with a mainstream Lawrence insurance company. If the excluded driver goes for a period-usually three years-without any convictions he or she can usually be reinstated, or included, on the policy.

When you're looking to save money on your Lawrence auto insurance, look no further than your own home. By combining drivers and automobiles on the same Kansas policy, you'll avoid having, and having to maintain, several different policies. Compare quotes for rates you'll get from different Lawrence automobile insurance companies and you'll find out just how great a savings you'll acquire.


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