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Lakewood automobile insurance companies rates do increase when you add a teenage driver to your policy, that's just a fact of life. New drivers pose a higher risk to Lakewood car insurance companies and, to offset that risk, they must increase your rates somewhat. Even if your teen is an excellent driver, has had the benefit of an instructional class, passed all the appropriate tests, and has been given the a-ok from the state of California, they are still in a high risk group and will need to have some solid experience on the road before your Lakewood auto insurance premiums reflect your child's excellent driving ability.

Why the High Cost of Coverage for Teen Drivers?

When the day comes and you make it official, adding your teenager to your Lakewood area automobile insurance policy, be prepared for a little "sticker shock". On average, if it was just you and your spouse prior to adding your teenager, your automobile insurance premiums can double once he or she is legally driving. Statistics are not in your teens favor and it only takes a few eye opening facts to understand why Lakewood auto insurance rates are so high for young drivers.

It probably comes as no surprise that car accidents are the leading cause of death in young people under 25, but did you know that 16 year olds are 3 times more likely to crash their car than 19 year olds? And 6 times more likely to wreck than those experienced drivers of 24. Inexperience and lack of judgment make for a dangerous combination.

Ways to Lower Your Teen's Risk

There are some cost saving Lakewood insurance discounts and rate lowering tactics you can make to bring your premiums down somewhat. If your teen has taken a driver's education course sanctioned by the state of California, then you can alert your Lakewood, California automobile insurance agent and find out about any discounts connected to the course. You can also ask about a good grade discount. Lakewood vehicle insurance companies will typically offer a discount for those students who maintain a B average or better.

There are some practical ways to lower your premiums which you may not have thought of but can bring your rates down to a more manageable payment. If you raise your deductible you could be tempting fate and end up shelling out a lot more out of pocket than before, however, it may be a savings for you in the long run, when you compare the cost and how much it will affect your Lakewood automobile insurance. Ask your agent for quotes for a policy with higher deductibles.

If your college student lives a good distance from your family residence, check with your Lakewood automobile insurance company about dropping him or her from your Lakewood, CA coverage. Removing your college student would mean that he or she wouldn't be able to use your automobile when home on break, however, the cost of providing shuttle service while school is out pales to what you'll be saving on automobile insurance.

These strategies are practical and make excellent sense. You'll save money and be able to maintain your Lakewood, CA automobile insurance policy. But, if you really want to lower your rates, and protect your child from harm, begin before they sit in the drivers seat. By making every teachable moment count, you as a parent can prepare the way for a lifetime of safe driving.

In Lakewood, CA, your teen driver will be required to have a certain number of supervised hours behind the wheel of your automobile. The state has made this mandatory after seeing evidence that more hours of supervised automobile operation cuts way down on accidents. As a wise parent, you could double the amount of those hours and allow your child to benefit from your advice, while gaining more experience.

Restrict night time driving and you'll help prevent a lot of problems. The risk of automobile accidents for teens goes up as the sun goes down. If you want to keep your teen safe and lessen the chances of an automobile accident, then make putting the keys up a nightly ritual.

Think about enforcing other rules and teach them by example. Put your phone away-even your hands free device-for the period of time you are in your automobile. As your Lakewood auto insurance agent can tell you, even hands free devices can distract your teenage driver.

As a parent, you have the authority to withhold your teen's driving privilege as you see fit. If you want to lower your Lakewood automobile insurance rates going forward, help your teen be the most responsible and safest driver they can be. Be firm and unyielding when it comes to your own driving rules and remember you're doing it for them.

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