Lakeland Automobile Insurance

Lakeland automobile insurance is there for your protection in the event of an accident. Obtaining a Lakeland car insurance policy is the law, yes, but more than that you know someone has your back on the occasion of a mishap on the roads around Lakeland, FL. Protecting yourself, your family, and your investment in your automobile is what Lakeland vehicle insurance is all about.

You appreciate the protection you get from Lakeland auto insurance because you value safety. As a safe Florida driver, you follow the rules of the road and try to be appreciative of others. That's the best way to prevent an automobile accident, and, the best way to prevent a road-rage, or an aggressive driver, incident. By maintaining courtesy on your Lakeland, FL roadways, you help keep them safe, and you help keep your Lakeland automobile insurance rates low.

But, along with Florida vehicle insurance protection comes from familiarizing yourself with the issues on the road that make others a little hot under the collar. You might be cruising along when all of a sudden, a visibly angry driver pulls along side, glares at you, then proceeds to cut you off. You may never know exactly what offended the other driver, but making yourself aware of some of the top affronts will help you avoid situations.

Practicing Courteous Driving

One of the biggest pet peeves motorists have, whether on expressways or rural highways, is the driver who putters down the road, oblivious to the long line of cars behind him or her as he or she travels along under the minimum speed limit. There can be many reasons for this driver slow-down, but most of the folks looking for an opportunity to pass just don't care. Whatever the destination, the slow, oblivious driver is an obstruction in their journey to get where they need to be.

Lane courtesy is something everyone can practice, yet few do. Keeping the left lane open for passing vehicles is one of the first points of driver courtesy most people learn. If you need to pass a slower automobile that seems to be preventing traffic from moving, simply do so, then return to the travel lane, keeping the left lane clear.

When lane courtesy is practiced, there are fewer accidents. Sporadic lane-changing, accelerating, decelerating, can all interrupt the flow of traffic. By keeping traffic flowing in a smooth manner, you'll not only stay safe, your automobile will save on gas as well.

Practicing correct lane usage is simple if you know the appropriate method. Many people are ignorant of the rules of the road, or have forgotten what is the correct way to merge. When your lane comes to a close, it's best to merge with the free-flowing traffic as soon as you can, keeping deceleration and acceleration to a minimum. If traffic is in a stop-and-go mode, use your turn signal to "request" permission to fill in a gap, one automobile at a time.

For additional information on driver safety, speak to your Lakeland auto insurance agent about a refresher course in safe driving. There are many such classes available to you in the state of Florida, and you may even earn an automobile insurance rate discount on your Lakeland auto insurance simply by completing a course. Compare insurance quotes today for discounts on your Lakeland automobile insurance.

Other Common Considerations to Practice

Though lane merging and changing seem to be the biggest pet peeve among Lakeland, FL drivers, there are other acts of courtesy on the road which you can practice. These considerations may seem like common sense to you, however they are everyday annoyances to a lot of folks in Lakeland. Remember, safe driving impacts everyone's Lakeland, Florida automobile insurance rates.

Turn signals; everyone has them but few people seem to use the, or use them correctly. Remember to use your turn signal slightly in advance of executing your turn. This allows the automobile traveling behind you to slow down before you make your turn. Simply slamming on your brakes could result in a rear-end collision, which isn't good for anyone's automobile insurance rates in Lakeland.

Remember to maintain a safe distance. No one, no matter how slow they are traveling, needs to be reminded by glancing in their rear-view mirror and seeing your bumper looming too closely to theirs. Besides, if they should stop suddenly, you would be at-fault for a rear-end collision, raising your insurance rate.

Most of all, when it comes to courtesy, your Lakeland automobile insurance company wants you to remember the Golden Rule. If you drive your automobile treating others as you would like them to behave toward you, you'll find it much easier to get along on the road. If you find someone behaving in a frustrating manner, simply take a deep breath and smile. It isn't worth risking an automobile accident.


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