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Kalamazoo automobile insurance companies seem, at times, all powerful and intensely judgmental. You could find yourself cut out of the picture with no second chances for certain offenses, This could leave you in a difficult situation-the inability to drive legally in the state of Michigan. If this happens, you might see it coming. There are specific reasons why your Kalamazoo automobile insurance company can cancel your policy. In an effort to be proactive, make certain that you're aware of these reasons and take measures to prevent them from happening.

If you have concerns regarding these issues, prior offenses or a reflection of too many claims in your automobile insurance history, speak with your Kalamazoo car insurance agent to find out ways to keep your MI automobile policy rates manageable. If your risk factor warrants obtaining a higher risk/lower coverage insurance so that you may drive legally in Michigan, make sure you obtain quotes for coverage from Kalamazoo auto insurance companies and don't just settle on the first Michigan vehicle coverage company.

Reasons For Cancellations

Of course, you already no that a DUI/DWI is pretty much a deal breaker when it comes to your Kalamazoo automobile insurance. In the state of Michigan, as in most every state in the country, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is considered a felony. If you cause an automobile accident, or have multiple offenses which show you to be a habitually drunk driver, it will be virtually impossible for you to obtain automobile coverage.

If you're arrested, in most cases, you will do jail time. Habitual offenders may be ordered to rehab and, upon release from a state approved program, be ordered to complete a course in safe driving, commonly known as DUI driving school. Then and only then will your drivers license be reinstated. This is a very costly scenario and you're only halfway there.

At this point you will need to obtain Kalamazoo area automobile insurance and you need to be prepared to pay a high premium due to vehicle coverage codes. Shop around for the best quote, but know that you may not be eligible for full Kalamazoo automobile coverage and in any event, you will be paying considerably more for Kalamazoo auto insurance than you previously did. Even if this is a single incident DUI and your guilty of really poor judgment, be aware that your rates will increase. Think before you drink and always make sure you have cab fare, if not a designated non-drinking driver.

Reckless driving may conjures up images of illegal car races and movie stunt style daredevils. In reality, your Kalamazoo auto insurance could label you a reckless driver when they assess your risk factor. As the insurance company looks into your driving record, they are looking for patterns of carelessness. Tickets, accidents-whether your fault or not-and any other violations that may show up-all point to a pattern of behavior which could work against you.

Your Kalamazoo auto insurer may decide to cancel your current Kalamazoo automobile policy at any time if you have this pattern and are charged with yet another violation or get into another automobile accident. If you have a history of careless, reckless behavior on the road, speak to your insurer before settling on a policy. You may be able to take steps to begin cleaning up your history. Your agent might advise you to take some refresher courses which could go toward bringing down your rates while you keep your driving record impeccable over the next few years.

Lying to your Kalamazoo vehicle insurance company is never a good idea. It amounts to fraud, which is illegal and a punishable offense. If you lie, or deliberately omit information in an attempt to lower your rates, and that lie or omission is uncovered, you will be cancelled with know questions asked. Common omissions are additional drivers, location of automobile, and not notifying your insurer about teen drivers.

Of course you know non-payment is grounds for cancellation. A Kalamazoo, MI auto insurance policy is a legal contract you've entered into between you and the insurer. If you fail to hold up your end of the agreement-as in not pay your premiums-you have effectively broken the contract.

Reasons for Non-Renewal

There are a few reasons why your Kalamazoo, MI automobile insurance company will choose not to renew your coverage. If you file too many claims you could be threatening your coverage. Think about some of the smaller automobile claims and realize they will directly affect your rates, and could add up to affect your coverage. Think twice about running to the claims department with every fender-bender.

It would be wise to compare your coverage with your Kalamazoo automobile insurance representative from time to time. Ask about cancellation policies and procedures. The more you are aware about the risks, the more steps you can take to avoid them.


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