Honolulu Automobile Insurance

Honolulu automobile insurance provides you with the opportunity to insure your entire family. It is important that you are insured in such a way because you want to make sure that you re completely financially protected in case you or anyone in your home is involved in an automobile accident. You also want to make sure you are adequately insured.

One of the reasons why you want to make sure you have enough automobile insurance in Honolulu, Hawaii is because there are some individuals who commit fraud. This is in addition to the legitimate accidents that happen throughout Hawaii. Nevertheless, you never know when you are going to fall victim to a fraudster.

About Scams

Insurance scams are more or less ways in which the Honolulu auto insurance company is defrauded. However, you are used as the doorway in which the fraudster gets money. In other words, you are used as the pawn in the whole situation.

The individuals who commit Hawaii automobile insurance fraud are very meticulous. They can take an automobile accident that is not your fault and make it look like it is. It is all in how they orchestrate the event. They plan how it is going to be done so that you look as if you are at fault. In other words, they plan the accident so that they cause you to be at fault.

As for how long such scams have existed, they have existed since insurance was invented. Nowadays, there are actually crime rings that organize fraud. But why is it the Honolulu car insurance companies are not catching them? The good news is that the companies are catching them more and more compared to what they used to. Everyone, including consumers, is more aware of the types of scams that take place. By being aware, a person is less likely to become victim, thus the Honolulu vehicle insurance company is less likely to become a victim.

With this said, it is good for you to know what kind of automobile insurance scams exist in Honolulu, HI. The reason is so that you can work to prevent them yourself. With everyone becoming more aware of the scams and what they entail, even the rates that the insurer charges can be put under control.

Types of Scams

Your Honolulu auto insurance company is going to appreciate you educating yourself so that you can avoid some of the fraudsters that reside in Honolulu, HI. And although Honolulu is not known for a high degree of scams, such things do happen. Plus, they happen in other areas around the world, so you could become a victim anywhere.

The first type of scam that Honolulu automobile insurance companies deal with is the staged rear-end automobile accident. This is where the fraudulent driver will quickly swerve in front of you and then slam on their brakes. This causes you to rear-end them. Unfortunately, the person who rear-ends another is the one who is held responsible for an automobile accident and not the person who slammed on their brakes.

Another issue that occurs is when the fraudulent driver goes to another location after the automobile accident and they inflict more damage onto the automobile. When the damage estimate is done so that the claim can be submitted to your Honolulu auto insurance company, the cost of the damage is higher. When they receive the money to make their repairs, they don't use the money to repair their automobile. If they do, they will have it repaired as cheap as possible so that they can pocket the rest of the money.

If someone waves you into traffic on a Honolulu, Hawaii street, don't trust them. It seems as if they are being nice when they do this, but they may be the helper of a fraudster. What they are doing is waving you into traffic in the path of someone who is going to hit you. Because you went ahead, you are the one cited for the accident. The helper can say that they didn't see the automobile coming.

There is not a way to prove that they are scammers unless they admit it and that is not something they are going to do. In the end, you are cited for an accident and your Honolulu automobile insurance does end up paying the damages to the scammers. So always be aware of what is going on around you.

By being aware of what is going on around you, you may be able to identify a scam before it happens, thus preventing a claim on your Honolulu automobile insurance. For instance, be aware of those driving around you. If someone is driving erratically, slow down in case you need to stop quickly. And be wary of "helpers" waving you along so that your Honolulu insurance doesn't have to pay.


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