Gresham Automobile Insurance

Gresham automobile insurance companies offer the latest rates and information online and easy to compare from the comfort of your own home. You’ll see the types of coverage available to you and be able to choose the plan that best fits your current needs. As you review options for coverage, keep in mind that there are certain laws governing Gresham auto insurance in the state of Oregon.

You must obtain auto insurance if you register and operate a vehicle in Gresham, OR. You’re required to present proof of financial responsibility upon vehicle registration, and at any time thereafter when you are asked. If you’re in an accident, or stopped by police for any reason, you will be asked to present documented proof that you have the minimum Oregon vehicle insurance coverage required by the state. If you cannot provide proof of valid coverage, your vehicle could be impounded and you will be charged with a class A misdemeanor, which is punishable by fines, and ,possibly, up to one year in jail.

So, although it’s easy to put it on the “back burner” assuming you’ll get around to satisfying your Gresham automobile insurance needs, you’d be well advised to obtain even the minimum coverage for your car, and your personal protection, before you get on the road in Gresham, OR. Truly, there’s no excuse when our online service has made it so easy. You'll find quotes and learn about the different types of coverage with the click of your mouse.

Gresham and Your Automobile

A suburb of Portland, OR, Gresham is a commuter town of about 100,000 residents. Many of these residents travel local roads to and from their jobs and heavy traffic often accompanies rush hour times. Frustrated drivers, distractions, and fender benders are a normal part of many resident’s drive to work.

Gresham is a family friendly area. Between a third and half the homes in this bedroom community contain families with school age children. Car pools, school buses, soccer moms and the like make use of the roads as people travel to their destinations. Life in this city is pretty much suburbia at it’s best.

It’s important to note that the state of Oregon follows a Tort system. This means that someone must be found at fault in the event of an accident. The at-fault party, and his insurer, are responsible for all damages caused by the accident.

Your Gresham car insurance company understands the your needs. You're bound, by law, to obtain minimum liability coverage on your vehicle, however, it may not be enough to protect your investment should you have an accident. You need to assess your automobile’s worth to you and your family. What would happen to you and your family should you lose the use of your automobile?

Your Gresham Auto Insurance

There are three basic types of Gresham auto insurance. While the minimum coverage required by the state may offer the lowest premiums, it may not offer the protection you need in a collision, or if your automobile is stolen. Taking the time to review your auto insurance agency options will allow you to make the most educated choice.

The minimum coverage you're required to provide for your automobile is limited liability. Liability coverage will provide financial compensation for anyone who is injured or any property damaged in an accident for which you're deemed responsible. Liability insurance provides compensation only for the party you have injured and doesn't cover you or your vehicle in the event of an accident.

The next step up from liability insurance is collision coverage. Collision coverage provides additionally as it covers you and your vehicle in the event of a collision. If you're found to be at fault, your Gresham vehicle insurance company will repair or replace your vehicle at market value. Market value is the amount your automoblie is worth today and not what you paid for it.

If you're currently making payments on a financed automobile, or drive a leased automobile, you'll be required to provide collision coverage. This protects your finance company or leasing agent in the event of loss of the automobile in a collision. Failure to obtain collision coverage on a leased or financed automobile could result in repossession of your Gresham automobile.

Gresham automobile insurance companies offer comprehensive insurance as protection to you if your vehicle is lost or damaged due to weather related circumstances, vandalism, or a natural disaster. You’re also covered should your automobile be stolen. Again, you will be compensated the market value of your automobile.

Choosing your Oregon Insurance

There are several options available for your Gresham automobile insurance, as this online service will show. You can add enhancements to tailor your policy to meet your specific needs. The most important choice you will make is how to best protect you and your family as you travel down life’s highways.


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