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Look for Greeley automobile insurance and you'll stumble upon many common myths and misinterpretations which can cloud your judgment and cause you to make uninformed decisions about your Greeley auto insurance coverage. You want to provide the most thorough protection for you and your family and by having a clear idea about your needs, and in order to do that, you must compare and find out the facts.

When you begin your search for Greeley car insurance, you'll find out about policy rates and coverage that best fits your budget. You'll ask for and receive quotes from all the top Colorado auto insurance companies, which will allow you to make an educated decision about protecting you and your family. Before you can make the right decisions, however, you need to find out the facts regarding Greeley automobile insurance.

Common Misconceptions About Car Insurance

Many of the more believable myths about Greeley car coverage stem from the little nugget of truth that makes it believable. For instance, some people believe that no-fault car insurance means that no driver will bear the blame, or fault, for an automobile accident and that the automobile insurers will compensate for damages and/or injuries you have suffered in an accident. That's not entirely true.

The principle premise of no-fault coverage is to make sure you get the medical attention you need should you be injured, while the assignation of fault is determined. As the insurers review police reports and obvious damage, in order to come to a conclusion about who was responsible, you won't be left without means to meet your medical needs. In this way, you'll be covered, no matter who is at fault, but at some point, fault will be assigned and all due financial responsibility will be assigned as well.

You might be under the assumption that your Greeley vehicle insurance policy can be cancelled at any time, literally pulling the protective rug out from under you and your family. However, the truth is, there are industry regulations in place that prevent your Greeley, CO automobile insurance company from dropping you without justifiable cause (such as fraud ort non-payment). If you have a valid Colorado drivers license and make your premium payments on time, there's no justification for cancelling your policy.

Many people believe that any traffic violation can cause your Greeley auto insurance rates to go up by changing your automobile protection code. While your driving record does have an impact on your risk factor, one or two typical violations, such as going 10 to 20 miles over the speed limit, a rolling stop, or any number of minor examples, shouldn't make a large difference. Of course, there are many factors which go into deciding your insurability and your prior history has much to do with whether or not your rates will go up. When you obtain your most desirable quote, ask your Greeley auto insurance representative if you're eligible for accident forgiveness.

Should you loan your automobile to a friend and that friend gets in an automobile accident, you would have to depend upon your own policy for coverage. The coverage is generally assumed to follow the automobile and not the person. Any claims would need to go through your Greeley automobile insurance company. Should damage costs exceed the liability limits of your Greeley, CO automobile insurance policy, your friend's Greeley company would kick in and cover the difference under his or her policy.

One popular myth that's been around for awhile is the belief that the color of your automobile will have an impact on your rates. This is simply not true. While some makes and models will generate more claims, color isn't a factor in the accident rate, traffic violations, or risk your automobile poses to insurers. Although the cliché of the "red sports car" is just that, a cliché, for the driver who throws caution to the wind, it could easily be a blue truck, or white fuel efficient vehicle.

Using your Car for Business

If you find you often use your automobile for business related pursuits, you could be under some misconceptions regarding your Greeley coverage. For instance,, you might travel with your company issued laptop and assume any damage your expensive possession might sustain would be covered under your Greeley, CO auto insurance. This is not true and you will need to provide an expansion for any coverage related to business, as well as equipment. Of course your employer may have provided replacement protection for something like a laptop in the event it is stolen or damaged.

The best advice for anyone confused about the ins and outs of your insurance is to simply ask your Greeley automobile insurance provider and your agent will gladly clear things up for you. Go over your policy and feel free to ask questions. After all, that's why your Colorado automobile agent is there.


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