Fresno Automobile Insurance

Fresno automobile insurance is affordable and will provide you with financial protection in a number of ways. First is the liability protection that is provided. This is what protects you from having to pay for damages sustained in an automobile accident that is deemed your fault.

The other forms of protection take the form of comprehensive coverage that will cover you in case of theft, vandalism, and other such acts. Collision covers you in case you are in a collision and your automobile sustains more damage than you can afford to fix. In this case, you make a claim to the Fresno auto insurance company so you can have the repairs done.

This is basically what automobile insurance in Fresno, CA does for customers. It provides them with protection against financial liability in accidents and having to repair their vehicles out of their pocket beyond the cost of a deductible of their choosing. And when some realize that the protection they currently have is not the best fit for them, they may decide to use automobile insurance quotes in Fresno, California to find the right company with the right rates. When doing this, it is important to ensure that there is no lapse in the policy when changing policies.

Policy Lapses

Lapses in coverage occur when you've gone any particular period of time without a policy on your automobile. These lapses do happen sometime, but they can appear to be something that they are not when you are looking to become a customer with a new California automobile insurer. And the reason why a lapse in coverage can appear to be what it isn't is because it is mostly due to non-payment.

The most common reason for having a lapse is for non-payment or late payment. Those who have a difficult time paying their premiums may have several lapses. When this occurs and the payment is made a day or two late, the effective date of the policy changes. So if you original effective date was October 1, 2006 and the policy lapsed on October 2, 2007, yet you made the payment on October 4, 2007, your new effective date would be October 4.

One way to look at lapses in Fresno car insurance is to compare it with a situation in which someone may have bad credit. Those with good credit are afforded certain privileges that include getting better rates on certain things. For instance, someone with good credit is going to get a better rate on their Fresno, CA automobile insurance than someone with bad credit. You want to make sure you have existing coverage when you compare your Fresno vehicle insurance quotes.

And if you don't think the Fresno auto insurance company can find out about a poor coverage history, they actually can. It is reported to the state of California when someone's policy lapses because it is against the law to drive without automobile insurance in Fresno or anywhere in the state.

If you were to be caught driving without the proper protection in place, you could be fined and/or lose your license for a specific period of time. If you are simply caught without proof of your policy, you are usually given a specific period of time to produce that proof so that you can avoid prosecution. For some, they pay the consequences.

Avoiding Lapses

Avoiding lapses in your Fresno auto insurance is easy. If you intend on seeking out a new automobile insurance policy and are concerned about paying your whole premium, you can arrange to pay a month. However, even if you cancel your coverage the proper way before switching, you will get back the money you have paid for your future coverage.

And when you sign up for your new Fresno automobile insurance, you can pay on an annual basis, which can get you a discount. You may also want to opt for automatic payments. That way you don't forget about paying your Fresno insurer when the time comes. This keeps your coverage history constant, which is very important when you want to secure low premiums. Some don't realize how important it is to maintain a constant coverage history.

One of the reasons why some people don't realize the importance of maintaining a constant coverage history on their automobile is because it is rarely talked about. A person can have excellent personal credit, but the Fresno automobile insurance company can see if a person in California has bad credit on the insurance side. Good credit all around means the best rate.

So don't let your automobile coverage in Fresno lapse if you want to receive the best possible Fresno automobile insurance rate you can get. Lapsing may seem simple, but what you want to do is tell the insurer that you're canceling your automobile coverage to avoid coverage history issues.


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