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Fort Smith automobile insurance is there to protect you in the event of an accident. If you are involved in an accident in AR you probably have a lot to deal with. If you or a loved are injured, certainly, all your energy will go toward healing and care giving. The last thing you want to be concerned about is whether or not your Fort Smith automobile insurance company will raise your rates or cancel you altogether.

Your Fort Smith auto insurance company is supposed to be on your side. When you think about being in an accident, the one constant you count on having is the security that you are protected financially. Depending on your Fort Smith car insurance policy, the damage to your automobile and any injuries you or your passengers sustain, will be compensated.

Arkansas follows the tort system of automobile insurance. What that means, essentially, is that someone must be found to be at fault for any automobile accident that occurs. The at-fault party is financially responsible for any injuries caused or damage to property. If the at-fault party's Fort Smith auto insurance policy doesn't provide enough compensation for injuries or damages, then the injured party can sue for the difference. Occasionally, Fort Smith Arkansas vehicle insurance plans will provide for legal assistance if that happens.

Concerns Following an Accident

Some Fort Smith auto insurance companies have what is known as "accident forgiveness", which means, essentially, that your first accident, providing it's not a DUI related incident, will be "forgiven" and therefore not go against your insurance company driving record. In order to be able to have an accident forgiveness clause in your policy, you must have an excellent driving record from the beginning. If you have several moving violations, or have had accidents with other insurers, you won't be eligible.

Be aware there may be a stipulation absolving your Fort Smith, Arkansas automobile insurance company from any responsibility if you have an accident while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Check with your Fort Smith insurance agent to determine any exemptions in your automobile policy which might keep you from being covered. Also, check to see if any named violations exist which prevent you from being covered.

You really won't know how an accident affects your rates until you've had one. There are all kinds of circumstances involved and any number of things can reflect on your risk as a driver. Even a minor fender bender can show you to be a risk depending on what led to the event. For instance, if you were following too closely, or ran a stop sign, or something similar, the damage sustained may not be a lot, but the circumstances point to a reckless situation. This will reflect on your driving record as someone who occasional could be distracted, or not paying close enough attention and thus cause you to be a risk to the insurer, which translates into higher rates.

Filing a Claim

If an accident happens you'll need to know what to do within the state auto insurance law. No one can be truly prepared for an automobile accident. You hear countless stories from those who have been involved in an accident peppered with phrases like "out of nowhere" and "didn't see it coming". This alone tells you no one can predict how they will react. The main objective is to try and keep your cool and, providing you're not injured, make the phone call to 911.

Once you've called the authorities and made sure no one is injured, then you can assess the damage to your automobile while you wait for the police. However, if the other driver involved appears argumentative or agitated, you may want to remain in your automobile, if possible, and wait for the authorities to arrive. You'll want to avoid any confrontations at all cost.

Once the police arrive, begin exchanging information in their presence. They will ascertain fault and file a report. You will need that report to file your Fort Smith automobile claim. If you disagree with their assignment of fault, you'll need to seek legal counsel. Once the police have filed their report, you'll need to contact your Fort Smith automobile, AR insurance agent. If possible, you should notify your Fort Smith automobile insurance agent while still on the scene.

Keep in mind, your Fort Smith area automobile insurance company is there for your protection. When you begin looking for a Fort Smith, AR insurer, you will want to compare how the claims departments and customer service departments deal with first time and multiple accidents. As you begin gathering quotes, remember which Fort Smith automobile insurance company offered the best accident protection. After all, your insurer is there to protect you.

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