Finding an Agent

Finding an agent from whom to purchase of any kind of insurance coverage could be a long and somewhat difficult process, but it does not necessarily have to be so. There are quite a large number of steps that a prospective policy holder can take to make the search easier and less fraught with frustration. Having a clear idea of what insurance actually is and what it is that one wants to have insured, must come at the very beginning, and will make the process move more quickly. As in every other situation in life, it will be easier to accomplish the end goal if one is clear what one wants to accomplish. So it is necessary that the customer know how insurance works, what the major factors are in choosing an insurance company, and what to look for in good insurance service and coverage.

What Insurance Agents Do

An insurance agent is the representative of an insurance company. The insurance company sells services or products that help their customers be prepared for an accident, injury, or disaster of some kind. The customer buys a policy that covers a given set of risks that could come to the person's property, makes premium payments on a schedule, and retains the right to file a claim for any loss suffered as a result of the occurrence of any of the listed perils.

The insurance agent will initiate a relationship with the potential customer during the first stages, at which point the services that the company offers will be explained in detail. The customer would do well to be prepared from the very first meeting with questions about how the company conducts business, how it pays claims, and what other services it offers that are currently unknown to the customer, but that could benefit the customer to acquire.

One of the first places to look for assistance in finding an agent would be friends, acquaintances, and colleagues. People who have a standing relationship with an agent are usually quite willing to share information, whether that be positive or negative. One could also begin by looking online at the websites of reputable insurance carriers, following the links to the desired information pages and contacting them eventually to make an appointment to speak with an agent directly.

If a person already has a homeowners insurance policy, the insurance agent with whom they work will be able to help them either find a suitable policy or recommend an agency that more properly fits their needs. Insurance seekers should make a point of asking for quotes from every agent with whom they speak, regardless of who the referral came from or whether they found the agent online.

Making a Selection

When attempting to find an agent, it is important to interview various agents within the same agency, and others who represent a group of several different carriers before making a selection. A person's relationship with their chosen insurance agent is an important one and could make a world of difference in terms of the quality of service they will receive. There can be very large differences in service and professionalism even among agents who represent the same insurance company and who therefore are selling the very same products.

The ability to form a positive personal relationship with an insurance agent is a point worthy of deep consideration for the prospective insurance customer. It is a very important primary factor in initiating and maintaining a successful professional association with the representative of the chosen insurance carrier. It can make the difference between suitable and adequate insurance coverage being acquired and a claim being paid or refused, later on.


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