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Federal Way automobile insurance companies offer discounts for your hybrid or fuel efficient automobile. If you drive one of a slew of "green' automobiles which qualify as fuel-efficient, not only are you saving money on gas at the pump, but you're saving money on your Federal Way automobile insurance as well. If you are thinking about purchasing a fuel efficient vehicle, your insurance premiums may actually tip the scales in favor of that new hybrid, or gas-saving automobile. Check online for free Federal way insurance quotes and see how low your rates will be.

Gas prices, as we are all aware, have become extremely unpredictable. Operating a vehicle in WA can put a strain on your budget, to be sure. You have the cost of the automobile itself, Federal Way auto insurance premiums, and the day to day maintenance. Adding in fluctuating fuel costs and you start to wonder if there might be a better way.

Fuel efficient automobiles are a great way to bring down your Federal Way, Washington auto insurance overhead as well as operating costs. By getting over 35 miles per gallon, the definition of a fuel efficient automobile, you'll realize your savings immediately. The Federal Way resale value of a fuel saver in the Washington state area alone is outstanding. In an economic downturn, or when gas prices are high, it's good insurance to have more worth in your automobile than a gas-guzzler would bring you.

A gas-saving automobile will bring down your rates for Federal Way automobile insurance, but what defines a fuel efficient car by insurance industry standards? A fuel efficient Federal Way, WA vehicle gets an average of 35 miles per gallon or better. In order to be considered fuel efficient, your car must weigh under 4,000 lbs. This is because the heavier automobile takes more gas it takes to power the engine to propel the car.

All of the major automotive manufacturers have their line of gas-saving designs. There are plenty of options in Federal Way and you'll find one to fit your budget. You may even decide on one of the newer hybrid vehicles. They combine the best in fuel saving technology with clean operating electric engines.

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Everyone is familiar with the gasoline engine. It's become the norm for everyday use in the U.S. And most people have seen an electric car, or are familiar with how one operates. Hybrid technology combines the gas engine with the electric engine in a way that still allows you to drive on the highway, while saving fuel in situations where speed isn't being utilized.

A traditional hybrid is a completely electric automobile with a separate gas generated engine. You typically charge your engine overnight by plugging it in to a household current. Your battery charger is portable and can easily travel with you.

For the gasoline component of the engine, you fill up at your local gas station, just as you always have. The overnight charge is good for about 40 miles of driving. When you need to run errands or drive short distances, the electrical charge will suffice.

The popularity of hybrid automobiles has soared in recent years and most Federal Way dealerships have a hard time meeting the demand. They can be a little pricey, however the price you pay is immediately balanced by your savings in Federal Way vehicle insurance along with your savings at the pump. Manufacturing of hybrid automobiles is becoming more commonplace everyday, so car prices will reflect this and become more affordable.

In addition to Federal Way car insurance savings, some electric, hybrids and fuel efficient models are also eligible for tax credits and a car insurance broker would be happy to explain in more detail. If you purchase a hybrid or fuel efficient car in Federal Way, WA, be sure and mention this to your tax advisor to realize any additional savings. The state of Washington has several other money saving incentives for the environmentally conscious driver.

Going Green can save You Green

By taking advantage of all the discounts and incentives available to you when you purchase an energy saving and environmentally sound automobile, you're not only doing your part to save the planet but you're saving your wallet as well. Owning or purchasing one of the insurance discount qualifying automobiles is a smart and forward thinking move. Compare your current Federal Way auto insurance policy rates to what they would be with a qualifying automobile and you'll see for yourself just how much you can save on insurance.

If you have any doubts, your Federal Way automobile insurance agency can tell you if your automobile qualifies for a lower rate. The state of Washington has a few other programs which should encourage you to drive "greener" and more energy-and environmentally-aware. Save money, save gas and save the environment, all by rethinking the way you drive.

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