DUI auto insurance

Not only are driving convictions embarrassing and expensive, but you may think that finding an affordable DUI auto insurance can be more than difficult. Finding auto coverage after a DUI is not as hard as it may seem. We can connect you with agents to help you find inexpensive DUI car insurance.

These providers are trained to find you the coverage you need at a lower vehicle coverage rate, even if youre considered to be a high risk driver. Being in the high risk category can be frustrating because it can make getting discounted DUI auto insurance very difficult at times. If you are one of the many who are in this type of unfortunate situations, you should be searching for an inexpensive auto policy with a provider that will offer you high risk auto coverage.

People who have been convicted of a DUI can sometimes pay up to two or three times more than folks who are a lower risk. Our trusted partners understand that you need affordable auto coverage now more than ever, after a DUI conviction. There are several agents here to help you find the coverage you need. Fortunately for those who are considered high risk, there are many providers available who specialize in covering exactly those types of drivers. We provide you with knowledgeable agents that can help you find DUI vehicle insurance and who are also experienced with SR_22 filings.

What is a SR-22

After a DUI conviction, a judge will order that you must file an SR-22 or formal certificate of insurance. An SR-22 is a certificate that is ordered by the state to confirm that a particular individual is maintaining auto liability coverage. You will need an SR-22 form to get car insurance once your drivers license has been reinstated. Your provider will prepare the SR-22 and then send it directly to your states Department of Motor Vehicles. In most states you will be required to maintain your SR-22 filing for three years after a drunken driving conviction. If you cancel your coverage or it becomes inactive for any reason, your insurance company is required by law to notify the DMV. If you continue to go without coverage, your drivers license will be suspended. If you change providers and obtain new insurance, you will need to file a new SR-22 form.

Driving while intoxicated puts you and others on the road in serious danger by escalating the possibility of getting into an auto collision. With a drunken driving conviction on your record you will have to pay higher premiums for being a high risk driver. Providers calculate their prices using risk factors. This means that the higher the risk of a claim, the more they charge.

If you are a driver with a DUI conviction on your driving record your cost for auto coverage may be much higher than other drivers. You can get an online quote comparison in a matter of minutes and attain the protection you need at a lower price. Our friendly associates can help you find the precise coverage you need after a drunken driving arrest.

Locating Auto insurance After a DUI

If youre one of the unfortunate drivers who have made the mistake of getting a drunk driving, you have now been moved up into the high risk category. Regrettably having a conviction of drunk driving on your record can cause your auto insurance premiums to increase or even cancel your coverage altogether. If this is the situation you are in, DUI automobile insurance is just a click of your mouse away.

Finding low priced auto premiums can be difficult to obtain when you dont know where to find inexpensive providers. If you have been convicted of drunk driving, you are now labeled as a high risk customer. Because of you conviction you will be forced to pay a much higher premium than those who are in a lower risk group. This will now make it difficult to find DUI auto insurance when looking for inexpensive auto coverage quotes. The companies we work with offer low rates, even for those who have a drunken driving conviction on their record.

There is no reason to worry about obtaining coverage. Even if you have been in the unfortunate situation of having a drunken driving conviction on your driving record, it is still possible to obtain affordable DUI auto insurance. DUI automobile insurance policies can be obtained easily and they are totally free. It's an effortless process to compare the policies of top providers and find the best deals currently on the market. All you do is provide the information that is requested. You will receive estimates that suit your individual needs. Our trusted partners can assist you in getting the protection you need with DUI automobile insurance, to get you confidently back on the road.


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