Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving is one of the best ways to get higher insurance rates, a conviction and maybe jail time. Alcohol is a substance that can legally be enjoyed by responsible adults the world over. But when you decide to drink alcohol and then drive, you cross a tenuous line. Drinking and driving is one of the leading causes of traffic related deaths, and is a crime that is punishable by large fines or even jail time.

Alcohol greatly impairs the senses, even when it is only consumed in moderation. The effects of alcohol lead to a large lapse in focus and judgment and it is not wise to operate any type of machinery while under the influence of alcohol, including your automobile. Many people may claim to have become desensitized to the effects of alcohol. While this type of desensitization can occur, no one can or should legally drive when they have been drinking any amount of alcohol.

Drunk Driving effects

Every year, thousands of people are killed in drunk driving accidents. Not only that, but also these accidents lead to millions of dollars in damages and fees. As such, drunk driving is both extremely costly and dangerous. Almost everyone knows an individual that was either killed in a drink driving accident or has a loved one that was killed or injured. The effects of these accidents are widespread and not just limited to the United States. This loss of life represents the most serious and reprehensible consequence of drunk driving.

There are also legal effects that come with drunk driving. It is generally not hard for the police force to spot a drunk driver and getting a drunk driving conviction can be devastating. Depending on the number of convictions you may have accrued and the circumstances of your offense, the law affords many options for punishment. The consequences of a conviction can be as simple as fine or mandated defensive driving courses and community service, or they can be as serious as large fines and jail time. If you happen to cause an accident and kill someone while drunk driving, you may be facing a long time in a prison. The legal consequences of a drunk driving conviction are varied but most are fairly strict in their nature. Driving drunk is a serious crime and there are serious punishments.

One of the final effects of drinking and driving is a financial one. When your insurance company becomes aware of any convictions you receive while drinking and driving, your rates are sure to go substantially higher. The insurance company is well aware of the high amount of accidents cause by drunk or buzzed drivers, and they will not offer cheap insurance to a convicted drunk driver. In short, you may save hundreds of dollars each year by making sure you do not drink and drive.

What to Do?

The answer is simple when it comes to deciding what to do about drinking and driving, just don't do it. If you chose to drink alcohol, make sure that you have a designated driver present or an alternative way to get home. You will never have to face the many consequences of drinking and driving if you never do it. If you have already been convicted of driving while over the legal limit, there are certain ways to get back in the good graces of the insurance company. By taking the right defensive driving class or maintaining a clean driving record for the appropriate amount of time, you can once again lower our overall insurance rates.


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