Delray Beach Automobile Insurance

Delray Beach automobile insurance offers the financial security you need when you're driving in this elegant, scenic region of Florida. Having reliable Florida automobile insurance protects your financial interests if you are involved in an accident. A complete Delray Beach car insurance policy provides for your medical costs if you or a family member or passenger are injured and can pay out to repair or replace your automobile if it is damaged, destroyed or stolen. In addition, your policy may pay for towing, roadside repair and a rental car if your auto is inoperable.

In Florida, all registered automobile owners must carry a minimum amount of personal injury protection, or PIP, and property damage liability, or PDL, to fulfill their Delray Beach automobile insurance requirements. PIP pays for the costs of medical treatment if you or a family member are injured in an automobile collision, regardless of who was at fault. Florida PIP also pays for your treatment costs if you are injured by a car while you are walking or riding a bicycle. PDL covers your financial liabilities if you cause an accident that damages a vehicle or other property. [1]

Insurance for Leased Cars

Delray Beach is an attractive community located in Palm Beach County, FL. Delray Beach is graced by many older historic buildings and well appointed, palm-lined streets. Driving through Delray Beach is a much more relaxing experience if you have adequate Delray Beach automobile insurance. With access to the internet in your FL home, you can easily compare quotes from several of the top providers in FL to find an agent and an affordable policy that gives you the protection you need.

Leasing an automobile gives you a sense of freedom that may not be possible with an auto that you purchase. Some Delray Beach drivers choose to lease a car because they enjoy driving a different make or model every few years. Others appreciate the convenience of having a leasing agency that can take care of many of the concerns involved with automobile ownership. Seasonal residents of Delray Beach may choose to lease a new model when they visit for the winter, so that they can leave their own automobile at their permanent address.

When you lease a car, you must buy Delray Beach auto insurance. Leasing is like purchasing an automobile on a loan in that you must protect the owner's property with comprehensive and collision insurance. Comprehensive Delray Beach vehicle insurance covers the leased vehicle against fire, storms, lightning, falling objects, wildlife and other hazards that might damage the automobile. A comprehensive policy also includes theft coverage. Collision insurance covers damage or destruction in an automobile collision.

You must also carry personal injury protection and property damage liability coverage if you lease your transportation. Some leasing companies may require that you buy more than the minimum amount of PIP and PDL required by the state. The leasing agency may recommend an insurer to you when you lease the vehicle. However, you may get a better deal on Delray Beach auto insurance if you take the time to shop around before you sign a contract.

Gap Insurance

Some leasing companies require that you carry gap protection as part of your policy. Gap insurance may be useful if you've just purchased a new model, as well. Gap stands for "Guaranteed Auto Protection." When you buy a new Delray Beach automobile, your investment begins to depreciate as soon as you take it on the road. If your new car is destroyed in an accident, you will not receive the full amount that you paid for it at the time of purchase. Instead, you will receive the original value minus a deduction for depreciation through a standard policy.

Gap Delray Beach auto insurance covers the difference between the original value and the depreciated value of your property. Because a new vehicle is a sizable investment, gap protection can be a valuable addition to your policy. Although carrying a gap option is not required by lenders, this form of protection can prevent financial losses if your new purchase is totaled. Otherwise, you could be held responsible for paying the difference between the original value and the actual value out of pocket.

The more you know about your options when you shop for Delray Beach automobile insurance, the better prepared you'll be to find a product that covers all of your needs. A reliable provider will discuss your options with you to help you determine which types of protection you truly need. As a motorist, you can save money by eliminating any features or options that don't fit your budget or your lifestyle. Work with an insurer who can help you design a policy that fulfills your requirements without exceeding your budget. 10/23/2011

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