Decatur Automobile Insurance

Decatur automobile insurance is easy to obtain. You select the type of policy you want, gather quotes to compare rates, and choose the best coverage for you and your family at the lowest rate you can find. That all sounds like a lot of work, but for most people, aside from regularly reviewing your Illinois auto policies to make sure they offer adequate protection for you and your family, that's the most work you'll ever need to put into having and maintaining your Decatur, IL auto insurance coverage.

For some, however, if you've never put any thought into how to file a claim, or what happens when a claim is made against you, you could be blindsided. Beyond the drama of the automobile damage and possible injury that results from an automobile accident, you'll deal with police reports, and paperwork, adjusters and claims departments. You can find yourself locked into a struggle with Decatur automobile insurance providers and even considering consulting Decatur legal counsel.

All of this can be overwhelming to, especially if you're recovering from injuries you've sustained, or simply trying to deal with the loss of transportation while the Decatur auto insurance adjuster decides what to do about the damage to your illinois automobile. If a claim has been made against you, there's quite a bit you're dealing with as well. By being prepare, or at least knowing what to expect from filing a claim, you'll be able to put aside the emotion, perhaps, and deal with the work at hand.

Filing a Claim

Depending on the type of Decatur car insurance you have, your claim will fall under one of two categories. You'll either be making a claim against the collision portion of your Decatur auto insurance policy, or the portion which covers comprehensive damage or loss. That is, providing that you have full Illinois coverage.

Filing a Decatur collision claim is one of the most basic types of claims. A collision is the term for an accident with another car, and in some cases, depending on the type of coverage you have, collision doesn't have to be limited to another automobile. A solo accident happens when you are in a collision, but not with another car.

Filing A Police Report

When you file a Decatur collision claim, before you speak with your vehicle coverage broker, you'll need to have all the particulars legitimized. This means you'll need to have the location, time, date of the accident and any other details about the other car and it's driver. Your Decatur, IL automobile insurance agent will need the insurance information of the other driver or drivers involved in the automobile accident. For your protection, you must file a police report. Many times the report will contain all of the pertinent information.

The officer on the scene will be contacted for further information as to who was at fault. Your Decatur vehicle insurance company will ask the officer from the scene for pertinent legal information while reviewing your claim. This is standard procedure and shows that you absolutely need to file a police report. Without one, it will be nearly impossible to have your claim approved.

Filing a comprehensive claim is slightly different than filing a collision claim. You'll need to know what's covered under your Decatur, IL automobile policy regarding comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive Illinois automobile insurance generally covers weather related events and natural disasters. It also protects against vandalism and theft.

You will need to notify police immediately upon discovering damage or theft and you'll need to be able to provide your Decatur automobile insurance company with details about your automobile. Such things as mileage, any recent automobile repairs, or any finance information, such as the leasing agency or finance company, if your still paying on your automobile. It's always a good idea to keep your automobilerecords organized and handy.

Claims Against You

If a liability claim is made against you, or you are filing one against someone else, it's important to understand that your Decatur auto insurance company is going to be making inquiries before they pay the claim. Once again, the need for a police report, and information from any other witnesses or emergency personnel who are on the scene, is crucial. When you make your claim it may be disputed and you will need reputable and reliable witness information. Medical claims could be contested and for that you'll need to make sure you gather all attending physicians statements additionally. Likewise, if a claim is made against you and you feel something may not be quite right, you'll need those witness statements as well.

When you file a claim, contact your Decatur automobile insurance office immediately, if possible. If it's after hours, some large insurance companies have 24 hour 1-800 numbers on the back of your insurance card. The burden of proof is up to you, so it's imperative that you're prepared.


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