Cranston Automobile Insurance

Cranston automobile insurance is obtained for your protection and the protection of your investment, your automobile. By procuring and maintaining Cranston automobile insurance, not only are you in compliance with the laws of the state of Rhode Island, you are making sure that you are responsible should you injure someone else or damage their property. By having complete coverage through your Cranston car insurance company, you'll also be making sure your investment, your automobile, is protected against loss or damage.

With comprehensive coverage, your automobile will be repaired or replaced under the terms of your Cranston auto insurance policy. That means, if your automobile is damaged in an accident you'll alert your Cranston, Rhode Island automobile insurance company right away. They will let you know what's involved in making a claim and you'll begin the process. At some point soon after, you will be contacted by the claims adjuster to agree on an acceptable time for the claims adjuster to examine your automobile.

The Car Insurance Claims Adjuster

The claims adjuster works for your Cranston automobile insurer and it's his or her job to determine the amount of damage done to your automobile. The adjuster will then assess how much the repairs will be by conferring with a reputable-generally higher end-mechanic. The adjuster will weigh the cost of repairs against the value of the car, as determined by one of the industry resources, such as Kelly Blue Book, and advise your Cranston automobile insurance company whether to compensate for repairs or offer you the value amount according to the current market.

If your Cranston vehicle insurance company decides to proceed with compensation for repairs, you will be presented with two quotes. You can either choose to have them repair the automobile at the garage they use, or you can accept a cash option and choose to make the repairs, or have them made, on your own. Compare the amount of the settlement to the amount of the repairs before you decide. Many people have their own mechanic or collision repair shop they've come to trust over the years and opt to have the repairs done there.

If you choose to have the repairs done yourself, your deductible will be taken off the amount you're offered. If you have a dispute with the amount, you'll need to address that with your Cranston, RI insurance company. Although the claims adjuster makes the assessment, the Cranston insurer makes all the decisions regarding settlement.

How Your Claim Affects Your Premiums

You might be concerned about your rates increasing and that could be a legitimate concern. However, your policy rates won't simply increase based on your need to file a claim. You maintain comprehensive coverage on your Rhode Island automobile for a reason and that reason is to protect your investment. In the event someone or something slams into and damages your investment, you'll need to be compensated for your loss or damages.

If you are the at-fault party and you've racked up some serious damages, you should brace yourself for a rate increase from your Cranston auto insurance company. In the event this isn't your first collision claim, you can probably assume your policy premiums will go up. Very often, especially with bigger Cranston insurance companies, you'll have what is called "accident forgiveness". If you have a clean driving record, and this is your first accident, and not connected to a DUI, then your Cranston, RI automobile insurance expert or company may allow this one accident to pass and not reflect in your premium.

Some consumers wonder if their claim status will cause their Cranston auto insurance company to cancel their policy or drop them after making a claim. An insurer can't cancel you if your policy has been active for 60 days or more unless your license has been suspended or you fail to make your payments. They can choose not to renew your policy when the term of your agreement ends, but they can't drop coverage at a random point, and especially not as a penalty for filing a claim. That's all part of the risk business. If this happens to you, you may want to look into it further with your local Rhode Island Office of the Insurance Commissioner.

It's always wise to know what to expect before a collision occurs. You can't possibly be completely prepared for what might happen, but you can know the rules as they apply to filing a claim with your Cranston automobile insurance company. If you are in the market for a new insurer, remember to ask about policies and procedures for filing a claim when you compare coverage and prices for premiums. You can alleviate a lot of headaches by just knowing what to expect.


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