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Your Clifton automobile insurance policy is your first line of protection when you're involved in a collision with another automobile. But what if you get in an accident with someone who's not in an automobile. A pedestrian, bicyclist, someone on a skateboard or someone on rollerblades can easily appear out of nowhere, causing you to swerve to avoid them and damage your automobile, or, worse, hit them causing injury and even death. Can you protect yourself and your family from losing everything if you have a devastating accident involving a pedestrian or someone on a non-motorized vehicle? Will your Clifton auto insurance company stand behind you? What happens to your Clifton car insurance rates?

Pedestrian Accidents

For the purpose of Clifton automobile insurance coverage, New Jersey vehicle insurance defines pedestrians as those who travel in urban areas on foot. People with mobility impairments, such as those confined to wheelchairs, are also considered pedestrians by the state of New Jersey. Pedestrians are compensated by insurance in the event of automobile accidents. They are held to a set of specific laws meaning you and your insurance company aren't automatically liable.

It can be difficult to prove responsibility when a pedestrian causes an accident. Whether you swerved to avoid the pedestrian and careened into a fire hydrant, or you strike and injure the pedestrian due to carelessness on their part, you'll most likely have to count on the eyewitness observations of others to prove the pedestrian's part in the accident in court. This could be a quite costly endeavor and sympathy isn't usually on your side as you are the one operating the 2 ton automobile. Contact your insurance with names of reliable witnesses in the case of a legal proceeding.

Avoiding Accidents with Pedestrians and Bicycles

One of the best ways to avoid an automobile/pedestrian accident is to be aware of your surroundings, especially in a crowded urban area. If you drive in the downtown Clifton area, or on any other city streets, you must use extreme caution, especially when turning corners and making a right turn on red. You might be aware of pedestrians, but note that there seems to be a group assembled at the corner awaiting the signal to cross. You assume they will stay put. You're also looking for any other traffic coming your way. The scene can be filled with distractions.

Take the time to look around you and make absolutely certain again and again that you're free and clear to execute your turn. Your Clifton automobile insurance can offer further advice for remaining aware while driving in town. By law, every intersection in a municipality is to be considered a crosswalk, even if it's not designated as such. You must obey the pedestrian right of way in Clifton, that is all automobile traffic must stop to allow the pedestrian to complete their crossing, at any city intersection. Review Clifton, NJ laws with your insurance agent to feel more comfortable driving around pedestrians.

Clifton bicyclists present circumstances that are a bit more vague than even the New Jersey pedestrian laws. Legally, bicyclists must adhere to the same traffic laws as automobiles in Clifton, NJ. However, as your Clifton vehicle insurance company can tell you, this doesn't always happen. There are often dangerous situations where automobile and bicycle are supposed to coexist. The outcome isn't always a good one, and a bicycle doesn't have the benefit of being surrounded by automobile. Injury to the bicyclist can be devastating.

Again, do everything you can do to remain aware and alert upon encountering popular biking areas, or bike lanes on NJ roads. As with pedestrians, always give the right of way to bicyclists while making a turn. Be aware of the amount of room you give when passing a biker on the road and never disregard a designated bike path. Be conscious of bicyclists when opening car doors on busy urban streets and never underestimate their speed or overestimate their brake time.

As your Clifton auto insurance professional would advise you, be defensive and be courteous. Though Clifton traffic laws apply to cyclists as well, compare the bike to an automobile and you will see obviously the automobile will come out ahead.

Scooters, skateboards and rollerblades fall into a category of recreation and aren't allowed on municipal roadways. If you're in an area where these items are enjoyed, as near a skate park, you'll need to proceed with caution. Your Clifton auto insurance would possibly view and accident with a person on a scooter, skateboard, or rollerblade as an accident with a pedestrian.

As in any situation where careless behavior can result in an automobile accident, use extreme caution. Ask your Clifton automobile insurance agent to find out their stance on pedestrian accidents at the time you ask for insurance quotes. You'll be better informed if you do.


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