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Providing Carlsbad automobile insurance for your family offers you and your loved ones optimum protection on the California highways. You want to take care of your family, and as a parent, you realize you can't control everything. But by making sure you have the most Carlsbad automobile insurance coverage you can afford , you provide essential safety for each member of your family as they travel Carlsbad, CA on their own.

You've watched your children grow and seen them through some of the big challenges. Learning to walk, talk, ride a two-wheeler, all with your loving assistance. As they got older you helped them with homework, and held their hand through many a childhood trauma. Now they have reached the age many parents dread. They are old enough to legally operate an automobile on the streets of Carlsbad, CA.

Preparing Your Teenager for The Road

Stressing the importance of safe driving is imperative as your teen reaches driving age. You lead by example. Your Carlsbad auto insurance rates are low because you've maintained insurance and a clean driving record. Your teenager has gone through a California drivers education course and passed with flying colors. You've contacted your Carlsbad vehicle insurance company to add your new teen driver to your California auto insurance policy, making sure to take advantage of automobile insurance discounts for good grades and that insurance rate lowering Carlsbad drivers education course.

It's a vulnerable place to be. You hand over the keys to your legal California driver and a little piece of your heart goes with them. Unfortunately, you know the Carlsbad statistics, and they aren't on your side. Automobile related tragedies involving teens are in the news every day. The inexperience, mixed with modern day technological distractions, can cause many a teen to lose their driving privileges or worse, their life. What steps can you take as a parent to safeguard your child against dangers of the road?

There is a saying that knowledge is power. By knowing what statistics say are the top reasons for teen driving accidents, you can help educate your Carlsbad teenager, and hopefully, prevent them from the more common automobile mishaps. You will not only empower yourself and your teen, you might just prevent an accident.

Common Causes of Teen Accidents

One of the most common causes for teen driving accidents is distracted driving. Teenagers are social creatures by nature and, if you are the parent of a teen, you know they are frequently distracted by their cell phone calls or texts. A fine rule to enforce is for you to limit their cell phone usage while in the automobile. Even hands-free calling will provide a distraction and the rise in automobile accidents resulting from cell phone usage play a major role in cell phones use being outlawed in many municipalities. Don't wait for the law to enforce the rules. Be the law!

Failure to yield to oncoming traffic, or obey the yield signs is another common cause of teen automobile accidents. You should always take the time to drive with your teenager and point out these traffic signs. Use the time as a teachable moment to reinforce some common, but perhaps, misunderstood traffic laws. If you are in any doubt about the rules of the road, ask your agent about a Carlsbad auto insurance card or a copy of the CA drivers laws.

Tailgating is the reason many teens get into rear end collisions. Teenagers are often in a hurry to get to their destination and forget to maintain the advised one full car length between their automobile and the automobile in front of them. Again, occasionally taking the time to ride in the automobile with your teen is a good way to reinforce this safe driving rule. Your Carlsbad car insurance agent can provide you with additional suggestions.

As every parent knows, drugs and alcohol are a big cause for concern in today's society, threatening our young people. Behind the wheel they shouldn't be tolerated. If your child has an issue with drugs or alcohol, make that a point of zero-tolerance. The very first time alcohol or drugs is suspected, take away the keys. The statistics are everywhere. Just contact your Carlsbad auto insurance company and they can provide you with story after story of the deadly accidents involving driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Don't let your child become a Carlsbad statistic.

Remember, above all, you are the parent. You pay the insurance premiums and are the one in charge. It's up to you to prepare your child for the world. For more information, ask your Carlsbad automobile insurance representative for tips on keeping your teen safe on the road. Also, find out about discounts and compare insurance coverage quotes to keep your Carlsbad automobile insurance rates low. After all, you have a new driver in the family.


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